Communicable Disease Prevention & COVID-19 Updates

There are a number of things listed below that Scouts and leaders can do to reduce the transmission of viruses. These are good steps to use at all times for flu and common cold prevention.

With Coronavirus (COVID-19) active at this time, leaders are encouraged to be extra-vigilant with these steps. Our first priority is to keep members healthy, safe, and well-informed while doing what we can to help minimize the potential spread of coronavirus and other illnesses.

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Current Cancellations & Adjustments

[Updated Mar 29, 2020; 9:00 am]
In the interest of health and safety, the following events have been canceled or postponed:

Scout Offices - closed until further notice
All CPC Properties closed until April 30th
NorWest Scout Shop - closed until further notice. (You may still order via email.)
All Winter Lodge day and overnight events - canceled
April 3: Parent and Pal – canceled
April 3: Super Weekend – canceled
April 4-5: Leave No Trace - canceled
April 4: Rangemaster Training - canceled. Moved to June 20th.
April 11: Automotive Maintenance MB at World of Speed - canceled
April 16: Willamette District Dinner - postponed
April 17-19: Climbing Instructor Level II Training - canceled
April 18: Commissioner College - canceled
April 18: Dutch Oven Cooking Clinics - canceled
April 18; SOLVE IT for Earth day - postponed. Date TBA.
April 18: Sustainability Merit Badge at Evergreen - canceled
April 24: Area 1 RAVE event - canceled
April 24 Skyloo Camporee - canceled
April 25: Thunderbird District Pinewood Derby - canceled
April 25: Chinook District Pinewood Derby - postponed indefinitely
April 28: Vancouver Community Partner Lunch - postponed; details TBA
May 1: Columbia River Camporee - canceled
May 1: Sunset Trail Webelos Woods - canceled
May 1: Thunderbird Camporee - canceled
May 1: Tuality Camporee - canceled
May 1: Willamette, Calapooia, Eagle Valley Camporee - canceled
May 2-3: Leave no Trace Training - canceled
May 9: Eagle Valley District Dinner - postponed
May 9: OMSI Chemistry Merit badge event - canceled
May 9: Willamette District Packoree - canceled
May 15-17: Three Rivers Camporee - canceled
May 16: Aviation Day - canceled
May 16: Cub Scout Shoot Out - canceled
Sea Scout Regatta - canceled

Refunds: In cases where the council has canceled events or reservations, refunds will be made within a few weeks. As there are many cancellations and staff time is limited, we appreciate your patience as we work through the list. See www.cpcbsa.or/refunds for up to date information.

Candy Sale: As of March 23, the candy sale is on hold. Scouts are NOT to sell in any public areas until further notice. Units are asked to hold on to unsold products until further notice.

Portland Office: The office is closed and employees are working remotely. Please connect with staff members via email or phone. Click here for employee phone and email list

Portland Office Meeting Rooms: Rooms are closed until further notice.

CPC properties are closed through April 30 and until further notice. Affected reservation holders will be notified, and refunds will be processed in the next few weeks.

Unit leaders are encouraged to carefully consider whether it is in the best interest of members and members’ families to hold in-person individual activities, meetings, and fundraisers. Units are encouraged to consider holding online meetings - There are free plans out there that would work well for groups, including Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, and others. 

Basic Steps

On outings and at meetings and events, Scouting leaders are encouraged to educate and remind Scouts to:

Wash Hands – before each meal, after using the restroom, and whenever else possible. Handwashing with soap and water is considered to be the most effective tactic in the prevention of virus transmission.

Shake Less – encourage elbow-bumps instead of handshakes.

Cover Your Cough – cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue, then discard; or use a vampire pose, sneezing into your elbow if a tissue is not available. These methods lessen the disbursement of airborne particles.

Stay Home – Any Scout or leader who isn’t feeling well or who has been ill in the previous three days should stay home rather than possibly spread a virus. Often Scouts are eager to participate in events, but leaders must prevent persons who are ill from attending.

Immunocompromised persons (persons having an impaired immune system) are encouraged to give their participation extra scrutiny and may wish to consult with their physician before participating.

Meet on Skype? – Consider whether some planning meetings could be held online rather than in-person.

Safety Moment - Leaders, please consider using the well-written Safety Moment on Communicable Disease Prevention found at the National BSA website at your next meeting. 

Be Prepared for unit meetings and outings

Leaders can prepare for unit meetings, outings, and events by ensuring that hand soap, bleach, and cleaning supplies are readily available, and by teaching Scouts ahead of time how to use these things properly.

During unit gatherings, leaders should ensure that:

  • All participants are feeling well before departure and have not been ill within the previous three days (and have not been in close contact with anyone who has been ill recently).
  • Immunocompromised persons (persons having an impaired immune system) are encouraged to give their participation extra scrutiny and may wish to consult with their physician before participating.
  • Everyone washes their hands regularly with soap and water.
  • Commonly-used surfaces such as tables, food-prep surfaces, restroom surfaces, and door handles are being sanitized regularly with a 1,000ppm bleach solution (1/3 cup bleach per gallon of water).

Reference Links

BSA Publication - Prevention of Communicable Diseases in Scouting: Recommendations for Unit and Council Event Leaders

Centers for Disease Control website with current information

CPC Summer Camps

[Mar 23, 2020] During these uncertain times, we are united in our desire to stay safe and secure and to continue to make a difference in the lives of our youth.  We remain hopeful that summer camp will happen this summer.  Our country’s national response is moving fast, and we are hopeful that we will all get some relief in the next 90 days.  While there is much we don’t know, we can be certain that, by summer, our youth will want to go to summer camp – if it is safe to do so.  Therefore, we are still preparing for camp, with the hope that it can still happen.  Below are some things you should know.

  1. We are still planning for camp this summer.  We still hope to positively impact those who camp with CPC.  Plans can change, and we should know more about camp in 30-45 days.  Until then, let’s have faith that together we can do this.
  2. Safety is our number one priority.  We are working closely with local, state, and federal authorities to ensure that the decisions we make will ensure the safety of all or participants.
  3. We are continually gathering information and listening to our units. We are listening to our units and working to meet the challenges that affect them.  We are also monitoring school district decisions regarding the extension of school year terms.     
  4. We are delaying the resident camp $100 payment deadline to May 15th.   Our Cub Scout leaders need more time to decide on camp and to collect funds.   Our troops are also dealing with daily changes.   Let’s work together. 
  5. We are delaying the early payment t-shirt deadline to May 15th.  Due to summer camp uncertainties, we are moving the early payment free t-shirt incentive deadline to May 15th.  (This is the latest we can move it and still get shirts for camp).   Units who pay in full will be able to log in for free shirts as early as May 1st.  (All free shirts will be received at camp.)
  6. If we close camp, we will refund 100% of your fees.   You don’t have to risk losing your money to register.  If we close a week, and a unit can’t move its registration to another open week, we will refund 100% of the unit’s fees.  We will also refund 100% of the fees of unit participants that cannot attend because of the virus.  Otherwise, our current refund policy will remain in effect.
  7. We are committed to do our best.  We are experiencing an unprecedented event.  We must go to unprecedented means to ensure our Scouts receive a much needed outdoor experience.

We know that summer camp may look different.  What is most important is that we, as Scouts, belong to the larger family called Scouting. The Scouting family takes care of each other.  Continue to stand with us as we use the resilience, resourcefulness, and spirit of scouting (as well as the guidance of our local, state and federal health authorities!) to guide our actions as we prepare for camp season.  Together, our actions will create a positive impact on all our youth at this important time in their lives.  

Stay safe, think positively, act responsibly and pray for good decisions made everywhere.

For Event Organizers

Persons organizing camporees or other events that attract numerous people are asked to download and follow the event organizer checklist, which is found in the Downloads section below. This document contains local recommendations and the BSA publication on the prevention of communicable diseases in Scouting.


File Name Description
April 2 Powerpoint Message A message to our Volunteers on the status of camp. Download
cpc event organizer virus precaution steps with680-103.pdf Event organizer guide for virus precaution steps. Includes BSA National 'Prevention of Communicable Diseases' document. (PDF, 165KB) Download