Venturing/Sea Scout Recruiting



Recruiting starts from a simple place: Recruit teens wherever they gather. Look at church youth groups or Sunday school classes, sports teams, clubs, shopping malls, a student union, soccer fields, movie theaters. Current Ventur­ers could set up a table at any of these loca­tions to tell their story.

Your approach will vary depending on the op­portunity and location. For instance, at a mall or movie theater, you might have only a few minutes to talk to interested teens, whereas at a youth group, you will have a captive audi­ence with more time. Your location will define whether you have to find a way to attract young adults, to interest them in coming to talk to you. Remember that teens are visual and hands-on, so consider presenting colorful images of Venturers doing challenging and in­teresting things and hands-on activities where youth can try a new skill.

As you learn more about Venturing, you can get more creative with your sales and market­ing approaches. Just remember: The bottom line is that the main reason teens don’t join Venturing is because no one asked them to!


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