Thunderbird District

Thunderbird District serves over 1100 youth.

Our primary focus is in the school districts east of I-205, including Centennial, Corbett, David Douglas, Estacada, Gresham-Barlow, North Clackamas, Oregon Trail, Parkrose, and Reynolds.

Providing a quality Scouting program to these young men and women would not be possible if it was not for the support and dedication of over 400 adult volunteers of the Thunderbird District.  Thank you to each and every one of you for your commitment to creating strong leaders and a better tomorrow.

Keep in Touch!

We have a Group Facebook page:  Request to join if you want to be connected to other Thunderbird folks.

DID YOU KNOW .........'s reflection/recognition season?

As 2017 comes to an end - take a few moments in Dec/Jan. and look back and review your units accomplishments.
To help guide your reflections - utilize one of the following forms (choose the format that works best for you):

Pack  WORD       PDF
Troop  WORD      PDF 
Crew  WORD       PDF

When you've completed your reflection - toss your unit's hat into the ring by returning the form to Bob P. at RoundTable (or email or mail) in Jan/Feb/March :-)
Who knows - your unit just might be recognized as one of our Top 3 Units at the District Awards Dinner in April. there a special someone in your Unit without whom you would be lost? Then the Spark Plug Award is just the ticket. Return to Bob P. - only 1 recognition per unit.

Unit Spark Plug Award  WORD       PDF that your on a reflection roll - Is there a family in your unit (or some other unit in our district) that you would like to recognize for their contributions in 2017? Take a few moments to complete and return a nomination form. - also to Bob and also RoundTable in Jan/Feb/March :-) 

District FamilyNomination  WORD       PDF  

......that Mandatory Leader Training is being phased in?

A resolution of the Cascade Pacific Council executive board began a multi-staged process in 2015 making position specific training required for all registered adult leaders.
Does your Unit Adult Committee have a Training Chairman? If not, consider adding one this year to help keep your unit in the know and encourage adult training within your unit.
For Cub Scout Packs - your Direct Contact Leaders need to be fully trained in order to Recharter for 2016. Direct Contact Leaders are Cubmasters, Assistant Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Assistant Den Leaders.
For Boy Scout Troops/Varsity Teams/Venturing Crews - your Direct Contact Leaders will need to be fully trained in order to Recharter for 2017, so take advantage of increased trainings now and get trained early. Direct Contact Leaders are Scoutmasters, Assistant Scoutmasters, Leaders of 11-Year-Old Scouts, Varsity Coaches, Assistant Varsity Coaches, Crew Advisors, and Associate Crew Advisors.
Check out our District Training Page for District Training opportunites. 
Check out the Cascade Pacific Council's Adult Training Page for helpful information on getting your unit leaders (and yourself) trained and/or further trained.

.....that is continuing to evolve?

Well it is, so if you haven't visited lately, take some time to login and poke around. will now redirect you to the new login page. All tools that used to be available here which have not yet been converted can be found under the "legacy tools" menu item once you are logged into (notice "dot" after my for the newer site :-)

Don't have a login? Create one. Be sure you add your member ID to your profile. Need your member ID? Chat with your Committee Chair or Scoutmaster or the Adult in your unit who holds the membership list.
In you can take online trainings, update your information, and much much more. And, Unit Committee chairs and Top Leaders can now update training status of those in their units.

.....we are making efforts to provide timely and relevant information within our website and in order to do that - we need your feedback**

....there are Monthly District planning meetings?

If you are interested in assisting at the District level - please feel free to attend a Unit Commissioner or a District Committee Meeting at Tonkin Gresham Honda:
24999 Southeast Stark
Troutdale, OR 97060
Please park behind the dealership :-)

Unit Commissioner meeting is the 1st Thursday of each month (except July) at 6:30pm

District Committee meeting is the 1st Thursday of each month (except July) at 7:30pm

....there is a monthly meeting where you can share ideas with other leaders?

It's called Roundtable. For more information visit the Round Table page

**See some inaccurate information or want to have some information posted to this page?
Send an email to our webmaster by clicking his/her name in the right hand contact
listing. We will see what we can do to make corrections or work in information. Thanks

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