Thunderbird: OA Chapter

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In person: Attend Chapter Meetings:
When: Second Thursday of each month, starting at 7pm (no meeting in July)
Where: LDS meetinghouse at 22801 SE Stark St, Gresham

Did you know ....

....we are currently seeking Ceremonalists?

Well, we are! Arrow of Light season is approaching and Spring Ordeals will be here before you know it!

Contact Nick W. or Randy V. for more information or join us the 2nd Sunday of each month at 7pm:

Village Pilates Plus
1651 NE Market Dr.

The Thunderbird Chapter of the OA is seeking Arrowmen who are interested in having fun and rewarding experiences while being involved in the ceremonies teams.
The Chapter has lots of room for new people.
We need ceremonialists to perform the principle characters in Arrow of Light ceremonies, Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies.
The Chapter also needs workers for site setup, guides, drummers (we have a Pow Wow drum), and performers with the Native American flute. We have instructors for all positions, including drum and flute.
The Chapter also needs adult Arrowmen for transportation and advisory positions.
Arrowmen! Consider this!
You have been honored with election to the Order of the Arrow and as such, pledged to support your Scout unit, Scout camps and the Wauna La-Mont'ay Lodge. You can fulfill the obligation to your lodge by being involved with the ceremonies teams.
You will have a lot of fun and gain much personal satisfaction at the same time. Being involved has it's rewards. Creating your own regalia. Being part of advancing Cubs and Scouts when performing the ceremonies.
Ceremonialists can earn a beautiful jacket back patch.
Also Brotherhood Arrowmen ceremonialists have a good chance of being nominated for the Vigil honor in the Order of the Arrow. The fellowship is great!
Arrowmen! This is a call to Brotherhood and Cheerful Service!

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