Summer Camp

Cascade Pacific Council offers members many outstanding camps, and is recognized nationally as a leader in Scout camping facilities and programs. Each summer the council offers fourteen day camps, five overnight camps, a youth leader training camp, and numerous high adventure offerings. During the 'Second Season' when camp is over, the council manages twelve outdoor properties which are utlized year-round for unit camping, district and council activities, and guest group events.

Girls at Summer Camp

In 2018, girls will be welcome at both Cub Scout Resident Camp and at Cub Scout Day Camps. A few sessions may be marked as boys only or girls only. All other sessions will allow both boys and girls to attend. We look forward to adding girls to our Boy Scout Resident Camps in 2019!

Cub Scout Summer Camps

We have some very unique opportunities in our council for our Cub Scouts to experience multiple camps and their camp programs during the summer and throughout the school year. Our camps are planned to serve specific ages so that Scouts progress from camp to camp as they grow and their interests change. This progression also gives them a variety of camp experiences from summer to summer. Each camp is designed to best suit the recommended age groups and their abilities. This list is just a recommendation, but we encourage each family to figure out what fits best with their family circumstances. For some families, our new "All-Pack Camping" might just be the best solution for you!

Day Camp: Recommended for incoming Tigers (just graduated Kindergarten). Themes rotate every five years, so the Scouts will have a new experience every time! The camps run 5 days a week during the daylight hours.  Mid-Columbia Day Camp runs "twilight" hours from approximately 5:00-9:00pm.

Butte Creek: Recommended for Wolves and Bears (just finishing 1st and 2nd Grade). This western-themed overnight camp will intrigue the imaginations of our younger Cub Scouts. The camp is 3 days, 2 nights.

Camp Clark: Recommended for Webelos (just finishing 3rd and 4th Grade). Camp Clark gives your Scout a full week (five night) camping experience which helps get them ready to join Boy Scouts, and the program is designed to help Webelos start learning basic Scouting skills in preparation for the Boy Scout program.

All Pack Session: Recommended for Smaller Packs. Camp Clark offers a session for entire packs in order to accomidate smaller units with fewer adult leaders.  Program will be altered slightly to accomodate the larger age range.  Details for the All Pack session at camp can be found on the Camp Clark webpage.

Older Scout Summer Camps

Week-long Resident Camp: Recommended for all Boy Scouts (Scouts that have crossed over from Webelos through 12th Grade).  Each of our four Boy Scout Camps hosts unique programs. Click on the individual camps for more details:


LDS 11-Year-Old Overnighters: Recommended for all LDS 11-Year-Olds (LDS Scouts in the primary that have completed Cub Scouts).  All of the Boy Scout resident camps will be having special programs for the 11 Year Olds in your LDS troop on Wednesday nights.  These overnighters offer Scout skills and activities focused on requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks...all the basic Scout skills that every new Scout needs to learn.

Making a Reservation

Select the camp you wish to make a reservation for in either the page above or the menu on the right.  To register for any Cub Scout Day Camp, please click on Day Camps and select your specific day camp on the following page.  You will be able to check on camp availability, camp dates, and camp fees from each camps page.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions with answers about our payment policy and what to expect before and at camp.

Communication from Camp

Are you involved in your Troop or Pack summer camp planning but are not one of the contacts in the online reservation system? If you would like to receive the camp communications too, please fill out the form below. If your unit is attending more than one resident camp, you will need to fill this form out for each camp you want to receive information about.


Weekend Camping and Off Season Property Use

Many of our camps host different events during the off season. Your unit may also reserve a property to host a family camp or troop outing.

Family Camps

Meriwether Super Weekends

Property Rentals