Camp4All Fundraising Guide

Our goal at the Cascade Pacific Council is to help more youth Scout and get more Scouts to camp.

The new Camp4All campaign will help us get there. Below is a preview of the new Camp4All fundraising campaign with more information (webinars, unit packets, etc.) arriving later this month.

Why Camp4All?

Overwhelmingly, youth join Scouts to spend time outdoors. While more than half of our youth in Scouts BSA go to summer camp, only 32% of Cub Scouts attended our summer camps in 2019. Our goal with Camp4All is to give all Scouts an opportunity to go to summer camp and give them a safe, fun, life-changing experience in the outdoors.

The Outcomes: Outdoor Experiences are Life-Changing

We have some of the most impressive camp properties in the BSA. Camp4All support from units, volunteers, parents, alumni and the community ensures:

  • Life-changing experiences. More youth will unplug, have incredible personal growth and have a life-long appreciation for the outdoors.
  • More scholarships so that every Scout can camp.
  • Exceptional programs. We will be able to invest in even more innovative experiences and quality programs.
  • Superior properties. We will have clean, well-maintained and some of the best properties in the BSA.
  • Retention & advancement. More youth will stay in Scouting and advance faster because of summer camp.

How Does Camp4All Work?

Later this month, your unit will receive a full packet of information. This will include:

  • Q/A and Step-By-Step Guide on the new Camp4All campaign and how to do your entire campaign online, including text-to-give.
  • Personalized pledge card(s) for each family, for those who prefer a traditional donation method.
  • Blank pledge cards for anyone who does not already have a personalized card.
  • Audit envelopes to organize and submit completed pledge cards.

What To Do Next

  1. Unit leaders choose two Camp4All “Champions” (adult representatives who lead the campaign).
  2. Camp4All Unit Champions connect with district chair or executive to set a unit goal.
  3. CPC enters goal amount in the Camp4All donations platform (called MobileCause).
  4. Units will be able to search for their unit number in Camp4All to find their unique donations page and “text-to-give” phone number.
  5. Unit Champions inspire fellow parents and their connections to help meet the unit goal. They will:
    1. Share donation/pledge cards with parents.
    2. Walk parents through the simple online giving process (or fill out pledge cards.).
    3. Share unit’s unique page and giving phone number with others (grandparents, friends, co-workers).
  6. Unit Champions return unit envelope containing pledge cards to Camp4All chair or district executive. Or you may complete your campaign entirely through your unit’s online giving page.

The Camp4All platform can be seen at Scroll down and use the search tool to find your unit. All unit goals in Mobile Cause have been temporarily set, which will be adjusted after a conversation with your Camp4All district chair or executive.

Fundraising deadline: May 15, 2020

Thank you gifts through 12/31/2020:

  • Free off-season weekend camping at ANY property!
  • Cub Scouts: free rank advancement badges!
  • Scouts BSA: free rank and merit badges!

Note: badges and weekend use begin upon goal attainment and expire December 31, 2020


File Name Description
2019 Impact Report Download
Camp4All How-To Guide Download the Camp4All Preview and How-To Guide Download
Camp4All Logo Download the Camp4All Logo Download
Camp4All Unit Presentation Show the benefits of Camp4All Download
Why Summer Camp (Cub Scouts) Summer camp is safe, educational & fun for everyone! Download