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Introduction to Leadership Skills (ILSS) – Ship (Quarterdeck Training)

This course was introduced in the fall of 2012 to replace Crew Officers Orientation and the Venturing Leadership Skills Course.  The course is specific to Sea Scouts and shares a common lexicon with Boy Scout training and aligns with the new Troop Leadership Training (TLT). The goals of ILSS are to give youth a clearer picture of how their position fits in the ship, help youth understand how they make a difference, and give youth additional tools and ideas for their role as leader.

 Click HERE to download more information and an ILSS Training Syllabus.

Advancement Requirements & Downloads

Sea Scout Manual

Current Sea Scout Manual
 Sea Scout Manual (2012) 

Sea Scout Manual Errata Notices

Sea Scout Manual Errata Notice - 2014 Future Printing

Sea Scout Manual Errata Notice - 2014 Future Printing (pages 17-26)

Sea Scout Manual 2010 Supplemental Activities (CD)