Shooting Sports

Cascade Pacific Council camps offer shooting sports equipment and facilities to provide a complete program experience for all Scouts. Shooting Sports are among the most popular and safest program activities in camp. We have invested in top-notch equipment for your Scout's safety, advancement and fun.  Approved activities by program are listed in the Guide to Safe Scouting. The range chart at the bottom of the page shows Cub Scout and Scouts BSA activities. Scouts BSA may pursue all Cub Scout activities and Venturers may engage in all Scouts BSA activities. 

Leadership and Training

When "Weekend Camping", units and districts supply their own properly credentialed range leadership to use the equipment and ranges, with the exception being Camp Meriwether. Leadership requirements for these activities are defined in the National Shooting Sports Manual and the Guide to Safe Scouting; links to both are available under the links section at the bottom of the page. Training for BSA Shooting Sports Leadership roles is from USA Archery and the National Rifle Association, offered by Scouters serving on the council Shooting Sports committee.  Links to all trainings can be found below.

Shooting Sports Awards

Shooting Sports activities provide an opportunity for instant recognition for improving upon personal marksmanship as well as learning and understanding how to use firearms in a safe manner.  Listed below are resources for some of the awards that youth, and even adults, can earn while shooting.  For more information about the awards, most of the links below redirect to external website.

Adults and All Youth
Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Program

Cub Scouts
Cub Scout Shooting Sports Awards Requirements

Scouts BSA
Archery Merit Badge
Rifle Shooting Merit Badge
Shoot Scouts BSA STEM Nova Award
Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

Launch Venturing STEM Nova Award
Shooting Sports Outstanding Achievement Award
Shooting Sports Ranger Award Elective

Shooting Ranges

A list of all available ranges and shooting activities on council properties can be found in the chart below.  BB guns and archery equipment Reservations can be made by completing the Range Equipment Reservation form linked below and turning it into the Member Service desk either in person or though email using  Firearms will be provided for you at Camp Meriwether.  You will need to provide your own firearms for all other properties.  Please contact the Member Service desk at or 503-225-5759 if you plan to use a range at camp and need to bring firearms to the property.  We will notify the on-site ranger and provide you with the direction of safe transportation and storage of your firearms. 

Shooting Sports Program Chart

  Supervision Needed  Supervision Ratio  Baldwin Butte Creek Clark Cooper Ireland Lewis Meriwether Pioneer
Archery  BSA Archery Range Master or USA Archery Instructor  1:8  X X X X X X X X
BB Guns  BSA BB Gun Range Master or NRA Rifle Instructor  1:8   X X   X X    
Slingshots Follow the Sweet Sixteen of Scouting Safely     X X   X X    
.22LR Rifle  NRA Rifle Instructor AND NRA Range Safety Officer (two separate people)   1:8  X     X     X X
Shotgun  NRA Shotgun Instructor AND NRA Range Safety Officer (two separate people)   1:1             X  
Muzzleloading Rifle  NRA/NMLRA Muzzleloading Instructor AND NRA Range Safety Officer (two separate people)   1:1             X  
 Tomahawk  Cascade Pacific Council trained Tomahawk Range Master and at least one trained assistant (max of 2) 1 asst.  per 4 throwers              X  

Camp Meriwether Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports at Camp Meriwether requires the presence of a Camp Host to serve as one of the required supervisors.  Please contact the Member Service desk at or 503-225-5759 to see if a certified Camp Host will be available for your weekend at camp if you would like to take advantage of shooting sports activities.

Shooting Sports Training

Click Here for information about the September 2019 Shooting Sports Instructor trainings