Scouting Anniversary and Scout Sunday

Celebrating 109 Years of Boy Scouts of America

BSA's Birthday

Friday, February 8, 2019 marks the 109th birthday of Boy Scouts of America. As the nation’s top youth-serving organization, the BSA continues to educate on the principles of Scouting while creating value for thousands across the country.

Troops, teams, packs and crews alike will celebrate this momentous occasion in a variety of ways this month. From fashioning Scouting uniforms to serving in religious ceremonies for Scout Sunday, Scouts have the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences in Scouting.

Remembering the “Unknown Scout”

The story of the “Unknown Scout” remains a significant part of honoring BSA’s rich history.

As the story goes, American businessman William Boyce lost his way while walking the foggy streets of London in 1909 when a boy offered to guide him to his destination. Boyce wanted to pay him for his good deed, but the boy politely refused. The boy explained that he was a Scout and that they do not accept money for doing good turns.

Eager to learn more, Mr. Boyce met with Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement in Great Britain. Boyce knew that boys in America would like the idea too, so he brought Scouting to the United States.

William D. Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America under the laws of the District of Columbia on February 8, 1910, and every year we commemorate the special day.

Many Ways to Celebrate the Birthday of Scouting

There are many ways a unit can honor the Anniversary of Scouting. Here are some ideas;

  • Special Hike
  • Flag Retirement Ceremony
  • Service Project
  • Blue and Gold Banquet
  • Court of Honor
  • Talk to an older family member who was a Scout about their experience
  • Troop Reunion

Scout Sunday
February 10th
Scout Sabbath
February 9th

In addition to observing BSA’s birthday this weekend, many Scouts will also honor Scout Sunday or Scout Sabbath. In some units, that means simply wearing the full field uniform to worship services, or the worship leader may present religious awards to Scouts and Scouters. In others, the pack, troop, team or crew conducts a service project that benefits the religious organization.Not all religious institutions celebrate on those exact days so Scouts will be celebrating these occasions throughout the entire month of February.

Scout Jumuah 
February 8th

Scout Jumuah offers a chance to recognize the contributions of young people and adults to Scouting within the Muslim community.

The National Association of Muslim Americans on Scouting has designated Feb. 8, 2019, to be Scout Jumuah. Units may adjust this date to best meet their needs.

Click here for full calendar of National Scouting Religious dates in 2019.

Ways to Celebrate Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath and/or Scout Jumuah

  1. Wear your Scout uniform to worship services.
  2. Present religious emblems to Scouts, leaders and Venturers who have earned them in the past year.
  3. Recruit several Scouts or Scouters to read passages from religious text.
  4. Involve uniformed Scouts as greeters, ushers, gift bearers or the color guard.
  5. Invite a Scout or Scouter to serve as a guest speaker or deliver the sermon.
  6. Hold an Eagle Scout court of honor during the worship service.
  7. Host a pancake breakfast before, between or after services.
  8. Collect food for a local food pantry.
  9. Light a series of 12 candles while briefly explaining the points of the Scout Law.
  10. Show a video or photo slideshow of highlights from the pack, troop, crew or ship’s past year.
  11. Bake (or buy) doughnuts to share before services.
  12. Have a table showing your unit's achievements and adventures.

Local Events Honoring Scout Sunday

Come back for events to commemorate Scout Sunday. Cascade Pacific Council encourages units to speak with their parish on how they can best participate in religious services.