Adopt-A-Campsite For Camp Pioneer

Campsite upgrades began several years ago at Camp Pioneer.  Many structures in campsites scattered throughout Pioneer have already been upgraded to our newer designs.  Because of this, monetary estimates and service needs for the campsites at Pioneer vary greatly.

Winter snow at Camp Pioneer dictates how much of the camp is constructed.  Campsite structures must be build to handle the load or divert the snow.  Campsite shelters are built as frames for tarps with pressure-treated wood and tent platforms are constructed with removable metal frames to avoid destruction from the heavy snow load.  Pictures of various structures can be seen above. 

Campsite signage, campfire areas, bulletin boards, flag poles, washstands and ax yards are all to be included as part of the program.  See the chart and links below in the Campsite Needs Summary section for the exact needs of each campsite.

Campsite Needs Summary 

Click on a campsite name below for more information about the needs for that site.

Campsite Tent
Construction Adopted By
Big Fir 0 0 1 0 $19,000    
Cascade 0 2 1 4 $6,500    
Lookout 0 3 1 0 $16,000    
Mt. Jefferson 0 2 1 4 $9,000    
OA Lake 0 1 1 0 $10,500    
Obsidian 0 2 1 4 $9,000    
Pine Ridge 0 1 1 4 $14,500    
Santiam 0 3 1 2 $10,000    
Turpentine Peak 0 2 1 4 $10,000    
Umpqua 0 2 1 4 $8,500    

Supplemental Downloads

File Name Description  
Map - Pioneer Highway Map and directions to Camp Pioneer. Download
Map - Pioneer Trail Map of Camp Pioneer including important property features. Download

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