Adopt-A-Campsite For Camp Lewis

Surrounded on two sides by the Lewis River East Fork, Camp Lewis provides a secluded atmosphere for its many campers.  Although its summer camp season is composed of only two weeks of Cub Scout day camp, Camp Lewis is the second most visited property in the council due to its high volume weekend camping use making campsite renovation of utmost importance.

The camp is filled with structures in need of replacement. Adirondack floors are deteriorating and structure roofs would leak if moss and debris was removed, if they aren't leaking already.  In addition to campsite structure upgrades, the site needs a entry sign, bulletin board, flag pole, ax yard and a renovated campfire area.


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Campsite Needs Summary 

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Campsite 4-Person Minidacks Campsite
Construction Adopted By
Ft. Borst 2 1 1 4 $8,000    
Ft. Canby 4 2 2 4 $13,500    
Ft. Cascades 4 2 2 4 $13,500 BMW/ Troop 310 Troop 310
Ft. Lewis 4 2 2 4 $13,500    
Ft. Rains 4 2 2 4 $13,500    
Ft. Riggs 4 1 1 4 $11,000    
Ft. Simcoe 8 4 4 6 $25,000    


CLICK HERE to Donate to the Adopt-A-Campsite Project at Camp Lewis 

Supplemental Downloads

File Name Description  
Map - Lewis Highway Map and directions to Camp Lewis. Download
Map - Lewis Trail Map of Camp Lewis including important property features. Download

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