LDS Scouting Resources

Scouting in Cascade Pacific Council is full of exciting opportunities for LDS Scouts and LDS Scout leaders!
Here are a few things for LDS leaders to be aware of:

Are you a NEW Scouting leader in your ward or stake?

The LDS-BSA Relationships New Leaders resource page is a great place to start. This site gives you an overview of Scouting in your calling whether you're in a Primary, Young Men, ward, or stake role. Learn how Scouting interfaces with your boys' age group, and what resources are available for you as a new leader.

LDS Charter Renewal for 2019

All LDS unit charters have been automatically extended through December 2019, making the recharter process unnecessary. It is important, however, for LDS unit leaders to update BSA rosters so that the council and district can support LDS units with communications, Eagle advancement support, and in other ways ensure that the Scouting experience is optimal. The easy roster update process is outlined in a Church-provided document.

First Things First:  What should do in my new LDS Scouting calling?

The very first thing you should schedule is training. Simply put, nobody can be successfuly by jumping into a new role without training - it always leads to frustration. Take the easy route - let others who have been in your shoes show you how to get started with proven materials, resources, local connections and activities, and more! Get started here with basic training for Cub Scout Leaders and Boy Scout Leaders 

LDS Cub Scout Recruiting Webinar recording available

Download the slides used in the May 12 and May 28, 2015 webinars presented by Spencer Young related to LDS Cub Scout recruiting. View the recorded webinar.

LDS Friends of Scouting video

View the Friends of Scouting video presented by council volunteer board chair Rob Cornilles and his wife, Allison, specifically produced to share the importance of FOS to fellow LDS members. Appropriate for use in church meetings with bishop's approval. Click to view video on YouTube.  There is also an FOS Resource page that provides helpful materials and support for FOS coordinators.

LDS Scouting Handbook 

The LDS Scouting Handbook for Church Units in the United States is a good reference for LDS Scouting leaders to understand how the Church and Scouting interacts.

Monday-Start Weeks at Boy Scout Camps

Each Boy Scout camp offers at least one session that begins on Monday rather than the traditional Sunday. These weeks subtract nothing from the regular weeks, they just start a few hours later. All merit badges and special programs are offered as normal. Arrival is Monday morning (7:00 AM typically), with Scouts and leaders jumping right into program offerings.

Be sure to attend one of the Pre-Camp Leader Meetings in June to get all the details about camp and these special Monday-Start sessions.

Monday-Start sessions are available for ANY unit, so there may be a mixture of LDS and non-LDS units, giving your Scouts a great opportunity to mix with other Scouts.  LDS units are always welcome at any other session (of course!), so pick the session that best fits your schedule, and we'll see you at camp!

Be sure to download the most recent camp availability report to learn which sessions have space for your group, and which weeks are Monday-Start sessions.

LDS 11 Year Old Overnighters

There are great summer camp experience options for eleven-year-old LDS Boy Scouts. These boys can enjoy LDS 11-Year-Old Overnighters, which offer Scout skills and activities focused on requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, and First Class ranks...the basic Scout skills that every new Scout needs to learn. Boys attend during the week that their own ward troop is at the camp, so that they get to camp with boys from their own ward and become involved a bit with them before they move up when they turn twelve. More details

LDS Winter Lodge Opportunities

Be sure to get your Scouts out to one of the winter lodges this winter for outstanding winter fun! Cub Scouts go as a pack, Boy Scouts, Varsity, Venturers can go together on the same day. All require a reservation. There's even a special LDS Venturing event that will take place over a Friday/Saturday in February.

For information on the lodges, including how to register, please visit

LDS Relationship Committee

A special committee serves Cascade Pacific Council and LDS stakes within its boundaries. This committee serves stake leaders, helping share information and upcoming activities, as well as helping the council serve the sometimes unique needs of LDS stakes and wards. Participants are invited by stake leadership.

Guide to Safe Scouting

One of the most important resources that ANY Scouting leader can utilize is the Guide to Safe Scouting, which contains guidelines and policies for use in planning Scouting activities. For example, did you know that paintball and lazertag are prohibited activities? Do you know how to operate a safe swimming or boating activity? These topics and many more are covered in this must-have document. Available at Scout Shops, Volunteer Service Centers, and online by clicking here

LDS Church updates safety resources

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has not only updated its safety-related website, but it also released three safety videos. The videos address real risks faced by anyone who uses the outdoors as a classroom. They cover lightning safety, drowsy driving, and being physically prepared in a different approach than most safety videos.    

The three topics are very appropriate for any member of our Scouting family as motor vehicle incidents continue to be our most frequent and severe type of claims. Meanwhile, cardiac-related conditions in adults are the No. 1 reason we receive fatality reports, and lightning will continue to be a threat to anyone in our outdoor classroom when thunderstorms are present.   

Each of the videos is about four minutes long and can be downloaded for offline presentations—they would make a great safety moment to start your next roundtable. The Safety and Health Media Library gets you directly to the videos. The Interview with Sam Cloud is a timely way to prepare for either a weather awareness or lightning safety campaign.

Online Learning Center

Every LDS Scouting leader should visit the online learning center within the resource center as soon as possible after receiving a Scouting calling. The first course to take online is the Fast Start Training, which gives the basics of Scouting...even important for leaders who were involved in the past and now are returning to Scouting. The online learning center offers a number of courses such as Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat courses, and the number-one must-take course, Youth Protection. You'll also find Boy Scout Leader Fast Start, Cub Scout Leader Fast Start, Generational Diversity, Hazardous Weather, and more.

To utilize the online learning center, you'll need your membership number (ask your district executive, or call the council registrar at 503.226.3423); as you complete courses your membership record will reflect that you have completed those trainings.

Philmont Training Center

The Philmont Training Center in New Mexico presents outstanding learning opportunities. Serving as the only national volunteer training center for the Boy Scouts of America since 1950, the Philmont Training Center (PTC) provides a unique environment for the training of volunteer and professional leaders. Each year, more than 6,000 Scouters and family members attend PTC. Each conference features the latest tools and techniques, audio-visuals, discussions, idea sharing, and activities led by a faculty of experienced Scouters. 

Links to other LDS Scouting resources: 

Please note - several of these links are not official BSA or LDS sites. 
They are listed here for leaders seeking additional resources. - link to Scouting page on official LDS website - official LDS Relationships website 

new LDS Scout leader online resources - official LDS Relationships website - LDS religious award (non-official) - LDS Scouting (non-official)

ldsscouter blog - a non-official LDS Scouting blog - official Scouting page on Scouting in the Church


File Name Description
2017 November National LDS/BSA Relations Newsletter Newsletter published by the national LDS/BSA Relationships office in Salt Lake City. Nov 2017. (PDF / 2.4MB) Download
Eleven-Year Old LDS Camp Leader Guide Details for leaders about the summertime LDS Eleven-Year Old Scout camp programs at Boy Scout camps. Download
Intro to LDS Cub Scout Recruiting (PDF) PDF of slides used in webinars related to LDS Cub Scout Recruiting. Download
LDS Scouting Handbook Handbook for LDS Scouting published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Download