Holiday Weekend Family Camps at Camp Meriwether

Does your family like to go camping at the beach? Leave all those noisy, unpredictable public campgrounds behind and head for the seclusion of Boy Scout beach-front property. As a members-only activity, your family is assured of a more peaceful and pleasant experience than you might have at a public campground, not to mention more elbow-room and friendly faces throughout the property.

Families will enjoy a variety of activities such as sand-castle building, beach walks to the tide-pools, BMX bikes, field games, and more. The weekend will be very loosely scheduled with an ‘open campus,' so your family can pick and choose from family camp activities, head into town to visit local attractions, or just enjoy the quiet coastline for the holiday weekend. 

This is a family event. This is not a Scout event where advancement and other Scout activities are part of the program. This is a family-camping-at-the-beach weekend. Family Camp Guide's provide a list of in-camp activities and lists of local community attractions. They will be posted below as they become available.

2018 Holiday Weekend Family Camps Registration

Registration for these weekends became available at University of Scouting. You can choose to bring your own food and eat in your campsite, or eat meals provided by the camp in the dining hall. 

Food Provided: $59 per person.
Bring-Your-Own-Food: $19 per person.
Children 6 and under are free.

Pro-rating of meals or fees is not available. Full fee due at time of registration; 75% refund for cancellations more than two weeks before the weekend. Updated Leader's Guides will be posted as they become available.

Pets are not allowed on BSA properties.

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