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Cascade Pacific Council serves more than 21,000 youth members, providing values-based and character-building programs. Young people in Scouting learn skills, practice peer leadership, and build character and confidence through year-round outdoor experiences.

The annual Friends of Scouting campaign provides an opportunity for families and community members to support Scouting.Your support provides many outdoor camping programs, enrichment programs for at-risk youth, and service programs that in turn support the greater community.

The annual estimated cost to provide these opportunities is $200 per youth member. We invite you to consider supporting a year’s worth of adventure for one Scout. Please know that a gift of any level is impactful and appreciated. 

Many employers match their employees' donations or recognize their volunteer service hours. Please visit, or your human resources department to see if they can double the impact of your gift to Scouting.

Council Finances

Cascade Pacific Council receives income from a number of sources including camping fees (43%), Friends of Scouting (25%), program fees (12%), popcorn and candy sales (5%), special fundraising events (4%), and a variety of other sources (11%).

Costs are primarily associated with compensation of employees who provide services to members (47%), and to other employee costs (14%). Program supplies such as food and equipment for program delivery (15%), costs related to buildings and properties such as electricity, telephones, water, travel, printing, insurance and other costs (24%) are also part of the operating budget.

2017 Friends of Scouting dates:

  • Mar 3, 2017: Pacesetter Troop achievement deadline
  • Mar 3, 2017: Pacesetter Pack achievement deadline
  • Mar 3, 2017: Pacesetter LDS Ward achievement deadline
  • May 1, 2017: Pack & Troop Deadline for complimentary rank badges & complementary weekend campsite use through Dec 31
  • May 1, 2017: LDS Stake Deadline for complimentary rank badges & complementary weekend campsite use through Dec 31

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about paying your pledge? 

Thank you for your pledge to support Scouting! If you have questions about making your pledge payment, please contact Daydra Blackburn at (503) 225-5761 or


Q: Our committee is uncomfortable with asking anyone in our unit to donate.  We would rather cut one check from our unit treasury or separate checks from Scout accounts in order to meet the FOS participation goal.  Can we still get the FOS thank-you recognition items?

A: All Friends of Scouting donations are voluntary and tax deductible.  Your unit’s participation goal calls for 75% of families to make a gift to receive the unit recognition items. The objective is to invite every Scouting family to participate.  Deciding to say “no” for every family and instead sending a troop check is not a Friends of Scouting campaign.  A pack or troop may decide to make an FOS donation from unit funds, but that should not take the place of a unit’s annual FOS campaign.  If a unit collects donations only from the troop treasury, it does not qualify as achieving your Unit FOS Goal. Likewise it does not qualify for the unit recognition items provided as a thank-you by the Cascade Pacific Council. 


Q: Our Cub Scout Pack FOS goal is to raise $1000.   We have 50 Cub Scouts.  Can we get free badges and free camp use if we tell every family to send in a $20 check?

A: While that plan does obtain the funds to achieve the goal, it is not the optimal way to conduct an FOS campaign. The spirit of the FOS campaign is to invite every Scouting family to give.  That means providing the opportunity for each Scouting supporter to contribute at a level that is meaningful for their family.  Ask yourself what is the purpose of the Friends of Scouting Campaign:

♦ Is it to raise the minimum amount possible to get free gifts from your local non-profit Scout Council? 

♦ Or is the purpose to give every Scouting family the chance to make a lasting impact?  Is the purpose to raise as much as possible in pursuit of our mission?  Is it to solicit gifts of all sizes from all sources in order to spread the ideals of the Scout Oath & the Scout Law?  Is it to underwrite the operation of our Scout camps, our abundance of activities, and sponsor the Scouting experience for thousands of at-risk youth?


Q: We want our unit FOS campaign to be successful, but there are only a few of us leaders and we are already doing everything. How can we achieve our goal and have a successful campaign when we are stretched so thin?

A: Contact us; we are prepared to help. Our Council FOS Chairman Matt Haller (a volunteer just like you) has recruited dozens of experienced FOS Workers who are eager to help your unit. There is nothing we can’t accomplish working together for better Scouting!  FOS IS ABOUT YOUR SCOUT!