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Meriting with the Experts: Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum Merit Badge Days - Various Dates. Info/Register - New 2019 Events!

Alaska Airlines Aviation Day - May 18, Alaska Airlines Operations Flight Center Portland. Info/Register

Cub Scout Shootout - May 18, Camp Ireland. Info/Register

OMSI Chemistry Merit Badge Day - May 18 or Oct 12, OMSI. Info/Register

OMSI Cub Scout Nova Award: Down and Dirty - June 23 or Oct 13, OMSI. Info/Register

Meriting with the Experts: Evergreen Aviation Museum Scouts BSA NOVA Award "Shoot" event - July 27. Info/Register

2021 National Jamboree - July 2021, Summit Bechtel Reserve. Info/Register

National Youth Leadership Training

National Youth Leadership Training is an action-packed program designed for Councils to provide youth scouts with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home units and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others. 

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Wood Badge 2019

Wood Badge is Scouting's most advanced training course, focusing on Leadership, Personal and Team Development. Inspired by Robert Baden-Powell, Wood Badge has provided the ultimate training for thousands of leaders around the world.

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Council Work Weekends - Various Dates and Locations

Grab your hammer and head to camp, we need YOUR help! Each of our camps holds a Hammer Camp work weekend or a work day during the spring that is vital to our ability to open camp. 

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Super Weekends

Has your unit visited Meriwether during the off season and  expressed interest in wanting to take advantage of camp programs outside of the normal summer season?  Well the Meriwether Super Weekend and its program has been designed to meet your needs.  Throughout the weekend your unit will have the opportunity to take full advantage of the entire camp and all of its programs.

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Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training at March Super Weekend

Leave No Trace training at Super Weekend

Holiday Weekend Family Camps - Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekend

Does your family like to go camping at the beach? Leave all those noisy, unpredictable public campgrounds behind and head for the seclusion of Boy Scout beach-front property. As a members-only activity, your family is assured of a more peaceful and pleasant experience than you might have at a public campground, not to mention more elbow-room and friendly faces throughout the property.

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BSA Climbing Trainings 

Climbing is an activity in Scouting that requires specialized training to facilitate outings for your unit.  Follow the link below to find more information on several upcoming climbing trainings of various levels for those interested in climbing at different skill levels.

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Shooting Sports Trainings

Instructor and Rangemaster trainings for all levels of Scouting shooting sports activities. Visit the Shooting Sports page and learn about all of the shooting sports training programs offered by the Cascade Pacific Council.

Upcoming Trainings

BSA BB/Archery or Tomahawk/Knife Rangemaster training - April 6, Camp Lewis. Info/Register

Order of the Arrow

Order of the Arrow links now available for reservation are available by visiting the Order of the Arrow Page.