Eagle Scouts List January 2016

Becoming an Eagle Scout is an outstanding achievement that reflects your hard work and dedication. Your accomplishment serves as an example of excellence and a source of pride for your community. May the virtues you live today be your guide for tomorrow and onward. CONGRATULATIONS to these young men for earning and achieving this highest honor in Scouting in January! 

Raiden B. Bowles Troop 839 Ft. Clatsop
Andrew S. Burgess Troop 586 Thunderbird
Jason A. Carrington Troop 297 Sunset Trail
Taeg V. Chaston Crew 549 Columbia Gorge
Logan G. Cluff Team 727 Sunset Trail
Dallin J. Dahl Crew 849 Skyloo
Spencer D. Doman Crew 400 Three Rivers
Rory E. Donley-Lovato Troop 7099 Calapooia
Tristan A. Furnary Troop 124 Sunset Trail
Andrew T. Getty Troop 208 Sunset Trail
Galen P. Gill Troop 65 Lewis and Clark
Carsten S. House Crew 160 Thunderbird
Kyle E. Jones Troop 213 Tuality
Tyler B. Ketring Crew 429 Columbia Gorge
Sheldon L. Leigh Troop 398 Mid Columbia
Zachary J. Lyman Team 495 Columbia Gorge
Liam A. Myers Troop 423 Skyloo
Jonah L. Nicholas Troop 7099 Calapooia
Taylor A. Pippin Crew 843 Skyloo
Jacob D. Redfern Troop 7362 Calapooia
Duncan I. Robertson Crew 637 Ft. Vancouver
John T. Taggart Troop 208 Sunset Trail
Soren D. Tullis Crew 318 Columbia Gorge
Tyler M. Twedt Troop 240 Tuality
Calvin J. Van Dorn Troop 133 Three Rivers
Michael A. Waters Crew 866 Sunset Trail
Stockton L. Wise Crew 495 Columbia Gorge

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