Eagle Scouts List October 2015

Becoming an Eagle Scout is an outstanding achievement that reflects your hard work and dedication. Your accomplishment serves as an example of excellence and a source of pride for your community. May the virtues you live today be your guide for tomorrow and onward. CONGRATULATIONS to these young men for earning and achieving this highest honor in Scouting in October!

First Name Last Name City Unit # District
Ian J. Bake Beaverton Team 547 Sunset Trail
Quinn M. Barret Camas Team 694 Columbia Gorge
Alexander N. Bay Beaverton Crew 589 Sunset Trail
Kyle J. Benjamin Vancouver Troop 358 Ft. Vancouver
Lane P. Bennett Brush Prairie Crew 571 Ft. Vancouver
Caleb O. Bischoff Washougal Crew 497 Columbia Gorge
Adler J. Boatsman Tualatin Troop 530 Skyloo
Ian D. Bunch Hillsboro Troop 855 Tuality
Jacob N. Carbajal Battle Ground Troop 430 Ft. Vancouver
Ryan B. Chidlaw Sherwood Troop 224 Skyloo
Joseph P. Christen Clatskanie Troop 15 Chinook
Carson J. Collins Wilsonville Team 132 Skyloo
Marcus B. Corbett Lebanon Crew 7340 Calapooia
Ethan L. Dodson Oregon City Crew 189 Three Rivers
Roe J. Dyer Yacolt Troop 349 Ft. Vancouver
Kolton A. Fink Beaverton Troop 872 Sunset Trail
Dylan C. Folsom Portland Troop 1 Skyloo
Josiah M. Foster Hillsboro Troop 225 Tuality
Joshua O. Free Longview Troop 305 Chinook
Nathan B. Goodey Hillsboro Team 517 Tuality
Michael A. Gunter Colton Crew 573 Three Rivers
Justin D. Gwinner Clatskanie Troop 15 Chinook
Jonathan Y. Harris Hood River Troop 386 Mid-Columbia
Jesse E. Horn Oregon City Troop 140 Three Rivers
Darke R. Hull Portland Troop 229 Skyloo
Carson G. Huseby Vancouver Troop 320 Ft. Vancouver
Youki G. Iimori Portland Troop 297 Sunset Trail
Miguel A. Jefferies Vancouver Crew 311 Ft. Vancouver
Alexander J. Kilhefner Lake Oswego Troop 41 Skyloo
Jacob R. Lyver Portland Troop 820 Thunderbird
Arturo E. Martinez-Rosling Beaverton Crew 727 Sunset Trail
Samuel H. Maughan Beavercreek Crew 390 Three Rivers
Trevor T. McGuigan Longview Troop 516 Chinook
Martin F. Medeiros III Portland Troop 208 Sunset Trail
Samuel K. Myer Cornelius Crew 866 Sunset Trail
Tanner A. Nelson Forest Grove Troop 165 Tuality
Liam P. O'Neill Lake Oswego Troop 127 Skyloo
Nicholas C. Owen Clackamas Troop 259 Lewis and Clark
Joseph P. Paris Troutdale Crew 657 Thunderbird
Nicholas B. Pearson Beaverton Crew 589 Sunset Trail
Adam P. Piper Beaverton Crew 689 Sunset Trail
Johnathan M. Powell Hillsboro Troop 213 Tuality
Jacob W. Pugsley Vancouver Troop 320 Ft. Vancouver
Samuel R. Reed Lake Oswego Troop 432 Skyloo
Andrew W. Richardson Camas Crew 429 Columbia Gorge
Justin D. Rostad Beaverton Troop 685 Sunset Trail
Benjamin J. Runger Vancouver Crew 441 Ft. Vancouver
Richard Schmidt Sherwood Troop 224 Skyloo
Jeffrey L. Sharp Beaverton Troop 423 Skyloo
Ammon C. Shaw Kelso Team 391 Chinook
Michael J. Skaling Woodland Troop 484 Ft. Vancouver
Marcus E. Sloniker Vancouver Troop 525 Ft. Vancouver
Ezra M. Smith Sandy Team 712 Thunderbird
Noble A. Smith Portland Team 727 Sunset Trail
Daniel J. Stauffer Portland Troop 52 Lewis and Clark
Cole F. Stockton West Linn Troop 149 Three Rivers
Michael A.J. Threlfall Aloha Troop 874 Tuality
Cody S. Traber Silverton Troop 93 Three Rivers
Brenden P. Tuohy Sherwood Troop 224 Skyloo
Joseph L. Watson Hillsboro Crew 7262 Eagle Valley
Morgan D. Weinmaster Vancouver Troop 328 Ft. Vancouver

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