Eagle Scout list - March 2016

Becoming an Eagle Scout is an outstanding achievement that reflects your hard work and dedication. Your accomplishment serves as an example of excellence and a source of pride for your community. May the virtues you live today be your guide for tomorrow and onward. CONGRATULATIONS to these young men for earning and achieving this highest honor in Scouting in March! 

Wyatt J. Bacon Crew 367 Ft. Vancouver
Levi A. Baker Troop 174 Willamette
Alexander L. Barrett Troop 728 Sunset Trail
Alden W. Battaglia Troop 198 Sunset Trail
Isaac J. Black Troop 389 Mid Columbia
Steven J. Blanchard Team 7047 Willamette
Adam L. Brendgard Troop 320 Ft. Vancouver
Stefan W.D. Burns Troop 544 Thunderbird
Jeremiah J. Burton Crew 637 Ft. Vancouver
Cole A. Champion Crew 7340 Calapooia
Ethan Chao Crew 336 Ft. Vancouver
Jacob C. Chesler Crew 846 Skyloo
William G. Christensen Troop 35 Skyloo
Karson R. Christiansen Team 7059 Willamette
Matthew C.J. Cleary Troop 56 Lewis and Clark
Tyson B. Cole Crew 7187 Willamette
Jonathan H. Donkin Troop 55 Lewis and Clark
Christian J. Doyel Crew 844 Skyloo
Arthur A. Eskandari Troop 194 Three Rivers
Kane P. Fanning Crew 318 Columbia Gorge
Deacon M. Fladstol Troop 582 Tillamook
Bishop J. Funk Troop 7108 Willamette
Peter N. Goetze Troop 149 Three Rivers
Getnet G. Gottschalk Troop 225 Tuality
Kiran E.B. Gregerson Troop 479 Ft. Vancouver
Jacob W. Halvorsen Troop 207 Sunset Trail
Chance D. Hansen Troop 194 Three Rivers
Taggart J. Hartwig Crew 449 Columbia Gorge
Noah L. Hoefler Troop 582 Tillamook
Grant T.N. Ige Troop 7121 Willamette
William B. Janney Troop 14 Ft. Vancouver
Zachary Y. Kimoto Troop 800 Lewis and Clark
Ryan D. Kirkpatrick Troop 799 Skyloo
Kell D. McCormack Troop 71 Lewis and Clark
Jared E. Medearis Troop 860 Tuality
Brandon L. Miller Troop 320 Ft. Vancouver
Colby R. Montero Troop 174 Thunderbird
Dylan C. Murphy Troop 432 Skyloo
Jacob K. Murphy Troop 483 Columbia Gorge
Daniel Q. O'Keeffe Troop 198 Sunset Trail
Samuel J. Paulson Troop 7108 Willamette
Jeremiah M. Peterson Troop 586 Thunderbird
Matthew C. Phillips Crew 571 Ft. Vancouver
Nathan F. Roner Troop 100 Lewis and Clark
Christopher A. Sheppert Team 333 Ft. Vancouver
Joseph P. Sherpa Troop 586 Thunderbird
Jordan A. Short Crew 7047 Willamette
Noah L. Steigerwald Troop 581 Tuality
Tanner L. Stocks Crew 361 Ft. Vancouver
Cole P. Stritzke Troop 7266 Eagle Valley
Joshua C. Vanderpool Troop 800 Lewis and Clark
Hayden C. White Team 266 Three Rivers
Trevin A. Wilkinson Troop 483 Columbia Gorge
Mitchell R. Yep Troop 208 Sunset Trail

To support Eagle Scouts as they seek higher education, click here to learn about the Eagle Scout Scholarships.