Eagle Scouts List February 2016

Becoming an Eagle Scout is an outstanding achievement that reflects your hard work and dedication. Your accomplishment serves as an example of excellence and a source of pride for your community. May the virtues you live today be your guide for tomorrow and onward. CONGRATULATIONS to these young men for earning and achieving this highest honor in Scouting in February! 

Dinesen C. Bacher Portland Troop 245 Sunset Trail
Spencer G. Baird Vancouver Crew 324 Columbia Gorge
Taylor J. Ballard Tualatin Crew 845 Skyloo
Robert B. Barber Warrenton Troop 509 Ft. Clatsop
Cole S. Batten Portland Crew 927 Sunset Trail
Addison N. Beard Beaverton Troop 872 Sunset Trail
Skyler J. Cannon Newberg Troop 7215 Eagle Valley
Liam J. Carter Portland Troop 820 Thunderbird
Mitchell R. Cluff Sherwood Crew 838 Skyloo
Garryn D. Crist Tillamook Troop 582 Tillamook
Jackson R. Davis Albany Troop 7333 Calapooia
Karl J. DeGrood Portland Troop 230 Skyloo
Elliot J. Elison Hillsboro Team 520 Tuality
Shawn S. Fitterling Gates Troop 7449 Willamette
Jacob L. Follis Aloha Troop 297 Sunset Trail
Jedrick F. Garcia Reton Troop 230 Skyloo
Harrison K. Gilbert Beaverton Troop 208 Sunset Trail
James R. Haley Portland Troop 198 Sunset Trail
Trevor D. Haunschild Oregon City Troop 140 Three Rivers
Jacob T. Houlette Portland Troop 207 Sunset Trail
Samuel M. Johnston Tillamook Troop 582 Tillamook
Richard D. Jones Longview Troop 516 Chinook
Aidan J. Kelly Lake Oswego Troop 71 Lewis and Clark
Aric M. Lemmon Bingen Troop 389 Mid Columbia
Kody J. Lewis Keizer Crew 7067 Willamette
Drew G. Ligman Portland Troop 69 Skyloo
Eli J. Lundgreen Tangent Crew 7355 Calapooia
Nicolas P. Malone Sandy Troop 820 Thunderbird
Dominick V. Mancuso Tigard Troop 423 Skyloo
Ethan A. Mason Kelso Troop 385 Chinook
Jeffrey A. Mayolo LaCenter Crew 381 Ft. Vancouver
Craig L. McNeil Woodburn Crew 7459 Willamette
Mitchell A. Miller Vancouver Troop 320 Ft. Vancouver
Flynn P. Milligan Portland Troop 69 Skyloo
Benjamin L.G. Morasch Vancouver Troop 462 Columbia Gorge
Jefferson P. Motto Beaverton Crew 548 Sunset Trail
Garth V. Naillon Saint Helens Troop 142 Chinook
Sean M. Nettleton Salem Troop 7108 Willamette
Cameron G. Oldham Tigard Crew 846 Skyloo
Jeren D. Olsen Ridgefield Troop 310 Ft. Vancouver
Nigel S. Princehouse Longview Troop 702 Chinook
Ryan S. Schmidt Vancouver Troop 316 Ft. Vancouver
Andrew J. Sherwood Mulino Troop 161 Three Rivers
Peter A. Sukamto Lake Oswego Troop 432 Skyloo
Hans S. Voegels Portland Troop 208 Sunset Trail
Nathan D. Walker Oregon City Team 189 Three Rivers
Cameron M. Wheeler Scappoose Crew 342 Chinook
Jack H. Williams Portland Troop 229 Skyloo
Hong Ki Yoon Lake Oswego Troop 221 Skyloo
Wyatt R. Zettlemoyer Sherwood Troop 224 Skyloo

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