College of Youth Leadership


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Saturday, November 2, 2019

OA Membership Not Required for Participation

The College of Youth Leadership (CYL) is a leadership training put on by Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge. CYL is open to any Scout who wants to come – Arrowman or otherwise. CYL isn’t just for experienced scouts – any scout, regardless of leadership experience or ability, is welcome. At CYL, leadership skills are taught in a hands-on environment through games and interactive classes.

CYL Offers Three Tracks
You will need to register for one of three tracks as described here.


This track puts an emphasis on basic leadership. Scouts will learn the required material to best lead a patrol. Skills learned include how to lead small groups, team building, goal setting, and other essential leadership knowledge. Experiences from this course can be carried over to larger leadership positions later in scouting. This track is best for newer scouts who have some experience in the program and are seeking to learn leadership skill to support small team (patrol) leadership. Scouts who have been in the program for a few years can take this track if they haven’t had a leadership position or seek to enhance their basic leadership abilities.

Advanced Scout

This track is designed to develop or enhance Senior Patrol Leaders or more mature scouts with skills to take back to their troops . Advanced leadership skills are used in this track to improve upon previous experience and training. Scouts that have completed this course will have the knowledge and skill to effectively and correctly lead their troop as a role model and leader. Older scouts will find that this track will utilize skills that they already have and present them new ideas so that they will be the best leader they can be. This track is designed for more mature scouts with leadership experience and a few years in the program, or those that have already attended a College of Youth Leadership, NYLT, or other scouting leadership course.


The Venturing Track is open only to those Scouts that are in the Venturing program. As such, it will be different from the other two tracks. This program focuses more on a wide variety of leadership principles, as opposed to studying a few core ideas. This program will help those who go through it to better lead in their crews and in other aspects of scouting. Venturers will still receive all of the fun from CYL while experiencing a program more attuned to leadership in Venturing. Venturers from age 14-21 are welcome in this program.