Sunset Trail: Contacts

Position Name Telephone
Activities & Civic Service Chair, Sunset Trail Jack Altenhofen (971) 259-8497 Email
Advancement and Recognition Chair Cassandra Scaggs (503) 848-8006 Email
Co-District Commissioner David Bennett Email
Co-District Commissioner Andrew Danner (503) 412-8468 Email
District Executive, Sunset Trail .Litsa DeCoster (503) 225-5737 Email
Eagle Scout Boards of Review Steve Willoughby (503) 848-8006 Email
Eagle Scout Service Projects Regi Korbe (503) 649-6639 Email
Friends of Scouting Family Chair James Elgart Email
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Joan Townsend (503) 645-7289 Email
Product Sale Chair Kelley Mills (503) 805-3129 Email
Program Chair Vince Bishop (541) 974-3620 Email
Venturing Advisor and Communications Chair Dennis McGary (503) 913-5030 Email