Thunderbird: Contacts

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Position Name Telephone
Advancement/Recognition Chair, Thunderbird Bob Pierce (503) 349-4683 Email
Boy Scout Leader Trainer, Thunderbird Ken Hall (503) 668-3038 Email
Cub Scout Den Leader Trainer, Thunderbird Tom Osgood (503) 730-4351 Email
Cub Scout Roundtable Chair, Thunderbird Jenny Byrne Email
District Chair, Thunderbird Tom Slyter (503) 358-1313 Email
District Commissioner, Thunderbird Katie Paden (503) 860-5811 Email
District Program Chair, Thunderbird Dan LeBrun (503) 668-8533 Email
District Training Chair, Thunderbird Ken Hall (503) 668-3038 Email
Eagle Board Coordinator, Thunderbird Frank Villa (503) 901-6193 Email
Eagle Board Coordinator, Thunderbird Jenny Byrne (503) 803-1081 Email
Eagle Proposal Approval, Thunderbird Margaret Chapman (503) 957-6459
Fundraising Chair, Thunderbird Tom Osgood (503) 730-4351 Email
Membership Chair, Thunderbird Sally Palmiter Email
Merit Badge Coordinator, Thunderbird Kris Meyers
Pinewood Derby, Thunderbird Randy Veenker (503) 668-0764 Email
Popcorn Kernal, Thunderbird Cathy Wagner
Religious Emblems Coordinator, Thunderbird Mitch Turner (503) 998-4189 Email
Senior District Executive, Thunderbird .Virginia Molina (503) 225-5741 Email
Venturing Advisor Trainer, Thunderbird Michele Linch Email
Webmaster, Thunderbird Cori Fogelsong Email