Adopt-A-Campsite For Camp Clark

Campsite upgrades began several years ago at Camp Clark.  One campsite a year over the past few years has had many of its elements upgraded.  Some campsites still remain unimproved.  Because of this, monetary estimates and service needs for the campsites at Clark vary greatly.

Oregon coastal weather at Camp Clark dictates how much of the camp is constructed.  Campsite structures must be build to protect campers from the wind and rain.  Part of this effort is converting all of the tent platforms in camp to minidacks.  Pictures of various model structures can be seen above. 

Camp Meriwether built four new washstands in 2015 that have now become the model for all campsites throughout the council.  Because this design was created after many of the campsites were improved, all washstands throughout camp need to be upgraded to this new design as part of the Centennial Adopt-A-Campsite program.  Campsite signage, campfire areas, bulletin boards, flag poles and ax yards are all to be included as part of the program as well.  See the chart and links below in the Campsite Needs Summary section for the exact needs of each campsite.

Campsite Needs Summary 

Click on a campsite name below for more information about the needs for that site.

Campsite 2-Person Minidacks Campsite
Construction Adopted By
Kilchis 13 1 1 4 $21,000    
Killamook 14 2 2 6 $23,000    
Necanicum 7 2 4 4 $15,000    
Nehalem 12 1 1 4 $18,000    
Nestucca 6 2 2 4 $15,000    
Rogue 12 1 2 4 $18,500    
Siuslaw 8 2 4 4 $16,500    
Umpqua 7 2 2 4 $16,000    

Supplemental Downloads

File Name Description  
Map - Clark Highway Map and directions to the Meriwether/Clark Reservation. Download
Map - Clark Trail Map of Camp Clark including important property features. Download

Adopt-A-Campsite Interest Form

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