Chinook District Contacts


 Activities & Civic Service  Mike Mealy  Program
 Adopt A Campsite Co-Chairman  Bill Reese  Program
 Adopt A Campsite Co-Chairman  Kevin Farley  Program
 Assistant District Commissioner over Roundtable  Kristy Conaway  Commissioner Service
 Camping Chairman  Cameron Carson  Program - Camping
 Camporee Course Director  Kevin Farley  Program - Camping
 Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner  Stacie Kelley  Commissioner Service
 Cub Scout Training Chairman  Steve Mahoney  Program -Training
 Day Camp Coordinator  Brad Pyl  Program - Camping
 District Advancement Chairman  Martha Hokanson  Program - Advancement
 District Chairman  Steve Taff  Key 3
 District Commissioner  Mike Dugaw  Key 3 - Commissioner Service
 District Cub Scout Advancement  Laurie Mahoney  Program - Advancement
 District Eagle Process Chairman  Wally Dietel  Program - Advancement
 District Eagle Process Assistant Chairman  James Madden  Program - Advancement
 District Executive  Sharon Kuroda  Key 3
 District FOS Co-Chairman  Steve Taff  Finance - FOS
 District FOS Co-Chairman  Khosro (Sporty) Peiravi  Finance - FOS
 District FOS Team  Stephanie McGuigan  Finance - FOS
 District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator  Steve Hokanson  Program - Advancement
 District Scouting for Food/Walk N Knock Chairman  Brent Blackburn  Program - Activities & Civic Service
 Membership Chairman  Erin Howarth  Membership
 Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor  Steve Caldwell  Program - Camping
 Product Sale Chairman  Stephanie McGuigan  Finance -Product Sales
 Product Sale Scheduler, Longview  Lil Nugent  Finance - Product Sales
 Product Sale Scheduler, St Helens  Patricia Hull  Finance - Product Sales
 Product Sale Storefront  Dixie May Webster  Finance - Product Sales
 Program Chairman  Bob Nugent  Program
 Training Chairman  Brad Pyl  Program - Training
 Webelos Woods Course Director  Butch Brenaman  Program - Camping
 Webmaster  Garry Lienhard  Program - Activities & Civic Service



 BeAScout Coordinator  I'm interested!  Membership
 Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner  I'm interested!  Commissioner Service
 Camp Promotion Team Member  I'm interested!  Program - Camping
 District FOS Team  I'm interested!  Finance - FOS
 District Internet Advancement Coordinator, Cub Scouts  I'm interested!  Program - Advancement
 District Internet Advancement Coordinator, Boy Scouts  I'm interested!  Program - Advancement
 District Pinewood Derby Chairman  I'm interested!  Program - Activities & Civic Service
 Finance Chairman  I'm interested!  Finance
 Membership Recruitment Team  I'm interested!  Membership