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Steps to the charter renewal process:

To make this process as easy as possible, please take the following steps:

Step A. Prepare:

  1. Select an adult to complete the online process.
  2. Obtain your unit access code from your District Commissioner or District Executive (Don't know who these persons are? Find them on the district map). 
  3. Review this webpage, the Online Rechartering Frequently Asked Questions and use the Online Charter Renewal Tutorial to preview the process (An access code is not needed for the tutorial).

Step B. Ensure everyone is registered before starting the online charter renewal:

  1. Obtain a current roster. 
    • The unit roster can be printed from my.scouting, or can be obtained from your district commissioner or district executive.
  2. Review the roster for any missing persons.
  3. Collect membership applications for any missing persons.
    • This can be done with paper applications or through the online membership application process at
    • Collect the right fees - ensure that you collect fees for the months that the person has been active in 2017, PLUS the full 2018 fees. See the chart below for pro-rate amounts.
    • Questions? Contact your district commissioner or district executive.
  4. Turn in all applications.
  5. Wait a day or two for online applications to process, and a few days for paper applications to process.
  6. Obtain a fresh roster to ensure new persons are registered before proceeding to Step C.
Step B is very important. It ensures that all persons are listed when you begin online renewal, which will make the process MUCH simpler and easier!

Step C. Begin the online charter renewal process:

  1. Access the Online Charter Renewal System: 
  2. Create account(s).
    • A new account is required each year.
    • A separate account is required for each unit.
  3. Complete the six stages as presented in the system, step-by-step.
    • Need help? Here are some resources:
      • Step-by-Step Overview PDF document
      • Recharter FAQ document
      • Online Charter Tutorial - a place to practice without a login
      • Online Charter Help - basic questions are answered here.

Key dates for the charter renewal process:

Oct 1:  Online system activated

Oct 15: All units log in and start the online process

  • Begin the steps listed above - first ensuring all members are registered, then using the online charter renewal system to renew for 2018.

Nov 9: All units submit charter online and confirm they're complete at Roundtable

  • Bring a paper copy of your completed charter renewal to Roundtable.
  • Any remaining paper applications or paper Youth Protection certificates should be attached to the printed charter and turned in at Roundtable.

Important notes for the charter renewal process:

Please do not use the 'E-Z Report' when printing your charter forms.  The E-Z Report works for some councils, but does not include information necessary for our council's charter renewal process. This selection is made on the 'congratulations' page after you have submitted your charter renewal information. Please select 'Print Renewal Application' instead of the E-Z Report.

2017 Youth Protection Training is required. Current and new adults will not be registered without first completing Youth Protection training sometime in 2017. Although YP certificates (provided by national) are valid for two years, our council requires annual completion of YP training for all registered leaders.

Training for Cub Scout Direct Contact Leaders is required. All Cub Scout 'Direct Contact Leaders' (Cubmasters, Tiger Leaders, Den Leaders, Webelos Den Leaders) must have completed Leader Specific Training for their position in order to be registered. This helps ensure that leaders have the training and support needed to provide good program to our newest Cub Scout youth members.

Adult applications are required of age 18-20 Venturing and Sea Scout members. Venturing and Sea Scout participants, current and new, who are 18 to 20 years of age must complete an adult application and Youth Protection training in order to be registered. This standard is to ensure that all persons legally considered to be adults are able to meet adult membership requirements.

Helpful resources from the National Council:

Frequently Asked Questions - a list of common questions about the online charter process and system.

Online Charter Tutorial - a place to practice or demonstrate the online charter process. A login is not needed to use this tutorial.

Online Charter Help - basic questions are answered here about the online charter tools.

Membership Application Forms - source to download youth and adult membership forms.

Journey To Excellence Forms - source to download Journey to Excellence scorecards and other materials related to the Journey to Excellence program.


Pro-Rated Fees:

This chart shows fees for persons joining in 2017 and continuing their membership through 2018. Pro-rated and full-year fees are shown for each month of membership:

BSA National
& Local Fees*
2017 + 2018 = Total
Boys' Life
2017 + 2018 = Total
Sep 2017 $8 + $36 = $44 $4 + $12 = $16
Oct 2017 $6 + $36 = $42 $3 + $12 = $15
Nov 2017 $4 + $36 = $40 $2 + $12 = $14
Dec 2017 $3 + $36 = $39 N/A +$12 = $12 **
Full Year 2018 $36 *


*National BSA fee is $33/yr, which goes directly to the National Council to support Scouting nationally. Local insurance fee is $3/yr, which supports unit accident and sickness insurance for individual Scouts and leaders throughout Cascade Pacific Council. Combined total is $36/yr ($3/mo).

** Boy's Life is not collected in December, as the first issue would not arrive until the new year.


The online recharter tool - use after completing the steps below
Click here

 Frequently Asked Questions about the online recharter process
Click here
Download adult and youth membership application forms
Click here




Download Resources:


File Name Description
New Executive Officer Application Application form for use when a new Executive Officer of the chartered organization needs to be registered. (PDF / 167KB / uploaded Oct 2016) Download
PowerPoint of Online Charter Renewal System (PPTX) Step-by-Step screenshots of the online charter renewal process, to be shown on screen in a district training or roundtable situation. Includes presenter's notes to explain each slide. (7MB) Download
Unit Charter Renewal Guidebook 2017 Guidebook for unit leaders to reference in the charter renewal process. Covers details for all unit types. (PDF / 1.58MB / uploaded Oct 6, 2016) Download