Chamberlain Project Update

(April 6, 2017)

During the fall of 2015, the Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) Board of Directors announced a unique opportunity associated with our Long Range Property Plan (LRPP). As outlined previously, the LRPP directed the Board to carefully evaluate our valuable properties in order to fulfill our stewardship of these numerous property assets to further the mission of Scouting.

Over the past 18 months, the board and staff have worked cooperatively with Mike Keiser to explore the possibility of a 50-year land lease for the purpose of building a links-style golf course on the unutilized acreage between camps Meriwether and Clark at the Oregon coast.

Today we are notifying CPC volunteers and members that a decision has be made to not pursue a long-term lease nor build a golf course, due in large part to the constraints of the land configuration between the two camps. Throughout the careful examination of the property both Keiser and Scouting leadership first sought to protect the high-quality of our programs and integrity of both camps.

Thanks to the generosity of Mike Keiser, the feasibility study and land surveys enabled a deep exploration of our 780-acre coastal property. While a successful lease would have provided significant economic benefit for 50 years to modernize our facilities and expand our programs, our vision of expanding outdoor education opportunities for youth has not changed.

We are committed to building a legacy that protects and preserves nature while creating self-sustaining education and adventure experiences for tomorrow's children. Today's children spend an average of 35 hours per week in front of a screen. Our programs will transform the way youth view and interact with nature, causing them to stretch their legs and their creativity. With unmatched views of the pristine shoreline and Cape Lookout along with thousands of adjacent acres of forested trails to explore, the opportunity for learning and adventure is unmatched anywhere in the country.

A project like our outdoor education dream is never accomplished without the support of equally visionary and generous benefactors. Despite the fact that a golf course will not be developed at our camp property, it is a powerful statement that Mike Keiser plans to support Scouting with a gift to our capital campaign.

We look forward to sharing more information about our master plans in the weeks and months ahead.

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