Aubrey Watzek Lodge Service Days

Dates: See Below

Location:  Aubrey Watzek Lodge

Reservations for service days are open now!

Each service day will be open to a limited number of participants.  

Projects will start at 8am on Saturday and end at 4pm on Saturday, please plan to participate for the full day.

There are many projects that need skilled carpenters, electricians, HVAC and plumbers. Please contact the Winter lodge Chairman at to coordinate you with a project that matches your skills.

Units that participate in the Lodge Service days are given the chance to sign up early for winter lodge snow dates and will receive a discount on their reservation.

  • September 14 - Split and stack wood into building for furnaces and fireplaces, tubing slope brush removal, shower room replacement, bathroom floor repair. This date will have a maximum of 125 helpers. (can arrive on Friday night)
  • October 12  - Clean and sanitize lodge inside and out, repair inter tubes, stock building supplies for winter, wrap up remaining construction projects. This date has a maximum of 40 helpers. (no Friday night arrival)

Cost: $5 per person, this includes Lunch on Saturday.