Corporations supporting council camps

[September 2017]  Cascade Pacific Council camps have benefited for many years from service projects and donations from local corporations. Esco Corporation, a leading local manufacturer, began its annual service weekends decades ago, and built many features at our camps such as the ranger's cabin, camp office, and foodservice serving area at Camp Baldwin, and other projects at other camps throughout the council.

Esco and Stimson Lumber joined forces recently at Camp Clark to build ten new mini-dacs so that Scouts and other campers at that popular camp will have dry sleeping space. Stimson, a local lumber company, has held employee service weekends for several years as an annual Adopt-A-Project, and Esco has been building mini-dacs at Clark for the past five years. Their combined efforts have nearly completed the large endeavor to replace all canvas tents with year-round mini-dacs in every campsite at Clark, and their efforts are highly appreciated by everyone who utilizes the property. Photos of this fun weekend are found below.

More help is needed for many, many projects throughout our camps. Your company may have interest in holding a fun service weekend - more information can be found on our Adopt-A-Project page; we'd love to discuss how your employer can help out a camp.

Companies can also support camp renovation projects by donating materials and/or money to help in our effort to remodel every campsite at all council camps. Greenbrier, a local leader in manufacturing and freight transportation services, recently made a significant grant toward the renovation of the Lookout campsite at Camp Meriwether, a project which will start soon and will be completed by next summer. This sort of local support is vital to our camps and is highly appreciated.

If you have questions about how your company can get involved in camp projects, please contact Bo Henderson (503.225.5744 /