Skyloo Commissioners - December 2019


Dec 5, 2019 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm



TVF&R Station 51 Community Room
8935 SW Burnham Street
Tigard, OR 97223


What Does a Commissioner Do?

The district commissioner and assistant district commissioners are responsible for recruiting, training, guiding, and evaluating the commissioner staff. The district commissioner is part of what is called the key-three, the other two members being the district chairman and the district executive.

Unit commissioners serve and counsel one or more units- packs, troops, teams, crews and ships. They act as a direct representative between the unit and the district. Unit commissioners are adult Scouters that have significant tenure within the Scouting program (ten years' experience is recommended), and are dedicated to seeing individual units succeed.

In general, the unit commissioner uses several different tools to measure the success of his or her units. Unit commissioners encourage all of their units to earn the Quality Unit award on a yearly basis and usually visit each of their units at least once a month to make sure the unit is functioning within the aims and goals of the Boy Scouts of America. The unit commissioner is aware of district, council, and local civic and Scouting functions that can help supplement the unit's program. They also promote the monthly district roundtable within their assigned units and make sure that the unit leadership is current on training courses required by the National Council.

Unit commissioners also keep in contact with the respective unit committees and the unit's chartered organization. Unit commissioners also are active in the community, assisting with the district's general membership goals for the year. Commissioners are expected to set the proper Scouting example, as they represent the district to the chartered organization and to the unit and its leaders, youth, and parents alike.

The unit commissioner is also responsible for assisting the unit with their yearly membership inventory, assisting the Unit Committee conduct the yearly charter renewal meeting, ensuring that the charter application was received at the council service center, and presenting the charter at a meeting of the chartered partner. Usually, a unit's charter with the Boy Scouts of America will be presented directly to the chartered organization at one of the chartered partner's business meetings or social functions.

Unit commissioners advise on official uniform policy and badge placement, and occasionally conduct uniform inspections of the units under their aegis; Unit Commissioners may also accompany their units on outings and at special functions. Traditionally, a unit's official charter from the BSA is also presented annually to it by the unit commissioner.

Roundtable commissioners use the roundtable meetings to provide unit leaders with resources and training in program skills. The roundtable is a forum for all of the unit leaders and provides opportunities for discourse and training.

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