Riley Herbert's Super Achiever Award

Riley Herbert of Pack 719 in Southeast Portland, has done what very few cub Scouts have; Riley completed all 20 Webelos Activity Badges earning him the Super Achiever Award.

For Cub Scouts there are 20 badges to earn, similar to the merit badge program that older Boy Scouts participate in. These badges fall under five categories: Physical, Mental, Community, Technology, and Outdoor. To earn their arrow of light and cross over to the Boy Scout program they must earn 8 of these badges. Riley has gone far above that. What makes this achievement even more impressive is that to qualify the cub must earn all 20 badges before earning their arrow of light.

It was a love for Scouting and friendly competition that set Riley on his path. “I love a challenge!” 10-year-old Riley Herbert said. “My brother Taylor, who is a Bear, wants to earn all of his adventure pins as a Webelos too. We challenge each other.” Completing all 20 badges is no small feat however, some badges were easier than others. “[The] Showman [badge] was the hardest, I'm shy and I don't like performing in front of people.” That didn’t stop Riley from pushing through. For the Showman badge Riley chose from performing music, drama, and puppetry for his den and family. Yet Riley stated that he enjoyed doing all of the badges, even the Showman. But his favorite badge was the Science Badge, “especially the Weather Belt Loop. I love science and hope to be a meteorologist when I grow up.”

More than just a meteorologist, Riley also wants to be a Scout Leader someday, just like his father—Andrew Herbert, who is the current Cub Master. Of course Riley intends to cross over to being a Boy Scout, and is looking forward to it. “I am going to continue on with my fellow 11 year old scouts in 719. I am looking forward to earning more badges. I can't wait to earn my Eagle Rank.” And naturally, Riley is planning to earn all the merit badges too.

“[H]e is a shining example of what a Cub Scout can be,” said Marie Stephenson, the Webelos Leader. “Riley is not only a super achiever in Scouts but a super achiever in life. The attitude he has towards life will be with him forever and will help him to be an awesome Boy Scout. I look forward to seeing Riley grow, to see him earn his Eagle and become a man that exemplifies the 12 points of the Scout Law. I can see him one day being an excellent scout leader.”

by Adam McDonald


Adam McDonald is a Scout Alumni, friend of CPCBSA, and a PSU student. He helps us out with writing stories from around the Council. If you have ideas for future stories or stories of your own send them to