OA Unit Visitation Resources

The first point of the purpose of the Order of the Arrow is to “Recognize those who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and through that recognition cause others to conduct themselves in a way that warrants similar recognition.”

Why your Lodge needs your help...

The Order of the Arrow is one of the only organizations in which members are elected primarily by non-members. We rely on Scouts unaffiliated with the OA to select those who will become our organization’s future. While critical to our organization’s purpose, this can cause some challenges. Some may be resistant to the OA because they don’t know the experiences that you and I have had as Arrowmen.

Videos to help with elections

Lodge Recommended Video compiled by Joe Grant and Eagle Valley Chapter use for Unit Elections


Congratulations Video from Jordan Jefferis Section Chief


Conducting a Quality Unit Election – USE for Training Election Teams at Chapter meetings


File Name Description
Adult Candidate Nomination Form Download
Candidate Letter Download
Election Letter for Scoutmasters Download
GAME UNIT VISIT CAMP Instructions.pdf Download
GAME UNIT VISIT CAMP OA Patrol Sheet.pdf Download
GAME UNIT VISIT CAMP OA Scout sheet.pdf Download
Steps to OA Membership Download
Unit Election Report Download
Unit Visitation Timeline and Resources Download