John Budiao's Council Certificate of Merit Award

by: Adam McDonald

A Wilsonville Scoutmaster for Troop 194, John Budiao, is being awarded the Council Certificate of Merit for his actions on July 2nd, 2012 while vacationing in Lincoln City. Budiao and his son Joshua, also a Scout, were involved in the rescue attempt of an unconscious woman.

It was the family’s 4th of July vacation, and they decided to spend some time at the beach. John and his wife Katherine were taking their son for an early morning walk when Josh noticed a frantic lady screaming near the water. Joshua alerted his father who approached the lady to help her, and noticed that the lady was standing right next to an older woman’s body. The body was lying near the water line. “I dropped all I had in my hands and ran a short distance to help with the person in the water,” John Budiao said. “I drug the body out of the water and rolled her face up to start CPR as fast as I could. I was also yelling for the original lady to call 911, but she was already on the phone with emergency agencies.” Budiao continued CPR until the Lincoln City Police and Fire Department arrived. He later contacted the local emergency number to inquire about the woman’s fate, and learned that she had passed. 

“[A]s a Scoutmaster I get to go over [with the Troop] CPR, shock, Heimlich maneuver, first aid, hypothermia, and many other needs that are needed to know in our close society,” Budiao explained. Though he stated that his response was more of a flight or fight instinct that kicked in, later he was grateful that he had the necessary training. “I wish every parent or person who has contact with kids had the training I have.”

Throughout the ordeal Budiao was adamantly worried about his son. “Josh was there and actually saw [the woman] before I did.  I didn’t want him to see the dead body or what I was doing.  I know he was taught CPR/First Aid/AED/and child care too, but seeing and doing the real thing can be a bit much.” Budiao stated that his wife tried to encourage their son to leave the scene but that Josh wanted to stay and help if he could.

Budiao hoped that from this ordeal his son would take away the knowledge of his duty toward others. “Josh knows that for bad things to happen it takes good people to do nothing.  He also knows that I will not let that happen around me if I can help it, but sometimes even those actions are not successful…I will always be his Dad that keeps the Scout Oath and Law going in life.”

The Cascade Pacific Council will be presenting Budiao with the Certificate of Merit in February 2016.