Eagle Scouts List December 2015

Becoming an Eagle Scout is an outstanding achievement that reflects your hard work and dedication. Your accomplishment serves as an example of excellence and a source of pride for your community. May the virtues you live today be your guide for tomorrow and onward. CONGRATULATIONS to these young men for earning and achieving this highest honor in Scouting in December! 

Paden K. Alie Lake Oswego Troop 127 Skyloo
Jacob N. Ankerson Beaverton Troop 297 Sunset Trail
Austin R. Arnold Fairview Troop 586 Thunderbird
Daniel N. Barkhuizen Lake Oswego Troop 221 Skyloo
Riley G. Barnes Battle Ground Troop 344 Ft. Vancouver
Sanford P. Bassett Dallas Team 7259 Willamette
Bradley S. Bergstrom Sherwood Troop 224 Skyloo
Jared A. Bott Oregon City Troop 140 Three Rivers
Nathan A. Brinton Battle Ground Troop 371 Ft. Vancouver
Samuel J. Bullock Wilsonville Crew 135 Skyloo
Jay S. Cannon West Linn Crew 134 Skyloo
Andrew J. Cichoski Sherwood Crew 859 Skyloo
Erick P. Daniels Portland Troop 112 Lewis and Clark
Austin J. Davis Beavercreek Crew 190 Three Rivers
Albert C. Dierckes IV West Linn Troop 396 Three Rivers
Cooper J. Doxey Hillsboro Team 520 Tuality
Riley J. Erwin Portland Troop 198 Sunset Trail
James P. Fowler Vancouver Crew 336 Ft. Vancouver
Devin G. Gledhill Washougal Team 429 Columbia Gorge
Davin M. Glenn Brownsville Troop 7335 Calapooia
Matthew W. Grubbs Longview Troop 695 Chinook
Ammon R. Hall Tualatin Team 845 Skyloo
Trevor C. Hancock Hillsboro Team 517 Tuality
Carl E. Harrison Jr. Kelso Troop 695 Chinook
Jordan M. Hoffman Saint Helens Troop 142 Chinook
Derek A. Holste Beaverton Troop 872 Sunset Trail
Tyler C. Howarth Beaverton Troop 419 Skyloo
Gavin L. Hoyer Vancouver Troop 320 Ft. Vancouver
Nathan L. Hwang Vancouver Troop 554 Columbia Gorge
Mackay D. Ivie Rhododendron Crew 712 Thunderbird
Spencer D. Jeffries Wilsonville Team 132 Skyloo
Sheadan K. Jenkins Battle Ground Team 371 Ft. Vancouver
Aidan F. Jensen Oregon City Troop 143 Lewis and Clark
Ezra O. Kamerman Eagle Creek Troop 210 Thunderbird
Joshua D. Koehler Vancouver Troop 358 Ft. Vancouver
Justin P. Krejcha Vancouver Troop 462 Columbia Gorge
Teegan R. LaRochelle Salem Crew 7157 Willamette
Logan A. Mante Tualatin Troop 35 Skyloo
Daniel J. Marcantuono Beaverton Troop 728 Sunset Trail
Elijah F. Marsh Milwaukie Team 522 Lewis and Clark
William L. Mason Portland Lone Scout Lewis and Clark
Hunter C. Michaelson Sheridan Troop 7215 Eagle Valley
Kevin J. Miles Lake Oswego Troop 230 Skyloo
Logan B. Miller North Plains Crew 355 Tuality
Matthew J. Moore Salem Crew 7127 Willamette
Colin J. Murphy Portland Crew 927 Sunset Trail
Johnathon T. Olson Forest Grove Troop 213 Tuality
Patrick R. Perkins Vancouver Troop 462 Columbia Gorge
Aaron L. Pettengill Troutdale Troop 174 Thunderbird
David A. Rollins Lake Oswego Troop 127 Skyloo
Timothy E. Seaman Washougal Troop 554 Columbia Gorge
Michael J. Seigneur West Linn Troop 149 Three Rivers
Wesley D. Seigneur West Linn Troop 149 Three Rivers
Jared M. Tence Tualatin Troop 149 Three Rivers
Clayton D. Wahlstrom Vancouver Troop 462 Columbia Gorge
David P. Walker Hood River Troop 282 Mid-Columbia
Connor D. Weeks Vancouver Troop 359 Columbia Gorge
Ryan J. Welch Corbett Troop 272 Thunderbird
Orion M. Yates Longview Team 19 Chinook

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