Donate a Boat to the Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts is a co-ed program for ages 14-20 focused on service, high adventure outdoor experiences, and practical leadership experiences. Sea Scouting teaches nautical skills young people can build into career opportunities or a life-long hobby. Proceeds from your donation will be used to support the Sea Scout program. 

This program serves the Cascade Pacific Council headquartered in Portland, Oregon. We are only able to accept donations located in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

Boat Donation FAQ's

What does BSA do with donated vessels?
Donated vessels are sold to fund the Sea Scout program. On rare occasions donated vessels may be kept for program use; however, this is not the norm and requires an additional approval process. 

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation? 
You will receive two receipts. First, a copy of your Deed of Gift form signed by a council representative to indicate we have taken possession of your donation. Then after we have sold the vessel you will receive a tax receipt letter plus an IRS form 1098-C to submit with your tax return. Donors should consult a tax professional for advice concerning their particular tax situation, especially for vessels potentially worth more than $5,000. Additional paperwork may be required.

What are the title requirements for donated vessels and trailers?
We require clear, signed-off title(s) in your name to accept your donation. If your boat's (trailer's) title is not in your name the best practice is to apply for a new title. Any title issues must be resolved before we are able to proceed. Exceptions where a title is not in your name could include: inherited boat, acting in the capacity of donor when you have Power of Attorney to do so, or when acting in the capacity of Personal Representative for an estate.

Learn more by visiting the Oregon State Marine Board or the Washington State Department of Licensing. Any title issues must be resolved before we are able to accept donations.

What if I have lost my title(s)?
If you have lost your title you must complete and have notarized the Oregon or Washington "Lost Boat Title" form. 

What about boat trailers?
Boat trailers are titled and registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Oregon. In Washington both boats and trailers are handled by the Department of Licensing.  Please note: At this time donated vessels must have a trailer to be considered for donation.

Are there additional requirements for a Coast Guard documented vessel? 
Documented vessels are registered through the US Coast Guard rather than titled and numbered by your state. 

Visit the National Vessel Documentation Center for up-to-date information about your documented vessel. We require a notarized federal Bill of Sale form when you donate a documented vessel. 

When will you pick up my donation?
Your donation will be moved to the Sea Scout Base only after all paperwork has been fully and correctly completed.