2nd Century Club

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson was campaigning for re-election on a platform of peace with honor, preparedness, and prosperity. On June 15 he took time on the campaign trail to sign legislation granting a Congressional charter to the BSA and recognizing a movement organized in 1910 that was already 180,000 participants strong.

On July 14, 1916 fifty Portland business leaders formally agreed that the Scouting movement would “control the gregarious instinct of young boys and control it through honor and truth, rather than by mischief and depredation.” A few days later, these visionary men organized the Portland Council.

A century later we are now known as the Cascade Pacific Council and there is a great deal to celebrate. 11,000 adult volunteers, nationally acclaimed camping programs, and a growing membership of more than 21,000 youth served. The future is bright!  In honor of moving into our second century we have the 2nd Century Club for those who are committed to sustaining Scouting for generations to come.

Despite dramatic societal changes the principles found in the Scout Oath and Law continue to guide youth today. Tufts University research experts recently endorsed Scouting by highlighting three essential elements necessary for a comprehensive and effective youth development program. Other programs provide one or two of these elements, but Scouting provides all three. These elements, preparing youth to lead amidst adversity and make positive life choices, include:

  • Sustained adult-youth relationships and mentoring opportunities
  • Life-skill building curricula
  • Opportunities for youth leadership

As we enter the next century for the Cascade Pacific Council we invite you to join the 2nd Century Club and be a part of shaping the lives of youth for the better. Simply commit to a total gift of at least $1,200. In recognition of your commitment you will be awarded the 2nd Century Club commemorative lapel pin.

Our goal is to attract 500 2nd Century Club members. Give today and help us build a vibrant, healthy and sustainable Scouting program for the next 100 years. To make your gift click below.

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