LDS 11-Year-Old Overnighters

LDS troops now have summer camp experience options for eleven-year-old Boy Scouts. These boys can enjoy LDS 11 Year Old Overnighters, which offer Scout skills and activities focused on requirements for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks...all the basic Scout skills that every new Scout needs to learn. The boys are invited to attend these dates during the week that their ward troop is at that camp.  All of the Boy Scout resident camps will be having special programs for the 11 Year Olds in your LDS troop on Wednesday nights.  To register the 11 Year Olds in your unit please click on the appropriate camp on the right or below:

Baldwin 11-year-old overnighters

Meriwether 11-year-old overnighters

Pioneer 11-year-old overnighters