For Leaders

This section contains resources and information for Scouting leaders. You may also navigate to these topics using the blue drop-down menus above.


Advancement: information related to Scouting advancement programs.

Commissioners: information for unit, district, and council commissioner teams.

Compass Points: past and current issues of Compass Points, the council quarterly newsletter.

Council Calendar: annual program calendar of council and district activities.

Download Forms: Forms and other downloadable resources.

Online Tour Permit: Submit unit tour permits online.

LDS Scouting: Scouting in Cascade Pacific Council is full of exciting opportunities for LDS Scouts and LDS Scout Leaders. Check out our resource page and sign up for the LDS Scouting eNews letter today.

Recognition: Special awards and council recognition events.

Scouting Safely: Guides and information to help leaders provide safe Scouting programs, including Ages and Activities, Guide to Safe Scouting, and driving safely information.

Training: Resources for adult and youth leader training.