Unit Volunteer Positions

All units need adult volunteers to make them function.


The first position any unit needs is a Chartering Organization.

This organization needs to supply the following:

  (1) An Executive Officer

  (2) A Chartered Organization Representative

  (3) A Committee consisting of at least three members

  (4) Direct Contact Leaders for the unit(s) sponsored


The Direct Contact Leader Positions for Cub Scout Packs are:

 (1) Cubmaster

 (2) Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders for each den


The Direct Contact Leader Positons for Boy Socuts are:

 (1) Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster for a troop

 (2) Coach and Assistant Coach for Varsity Teams

 (3) Crew Advisor and Assistant Crew Advisor for Venturing Crews


These are only the minimums, some units have First Year Scout leadership positions. Some units may have  several assistant scoutmasters to ease the load on a Scoutmaster of a large troop.

Additionally, each unit and chartered organization should survey their parents and members for skills and talents that can be used by the pack, troop, team and/or crew. All adults that work with the youth need to be registered with B.S.A.