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Merit Badge Counselor Registration Process (new counselor/expired registration)

National policy requires the current version of the BSA Adult Application be submitted to Cascade Pacific Council for registration as a Merit Badge Counselor. This application must be approved as a code 42, non-unit position description: MB Counselor

The following items are required and should be submitted as a package (or together) to our District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator:

1. BSA Adult Application

2. Valid proof of current Youth Protection Training (consists of one of the following):

>Training card printed from the National BSA e-learning.

>Certificate printed from MyScouting,org web page.

>Training card (with Scout Executive signature).

>Training Attendance Report.

>Printout from the Training Validation (MyScouting.org) using the Scouting ID Number

3. A Merit Badge Counselor Application Form signed by both the applicant and either the Unit Committee Chair or Unit Advancement Chair.

>Applicant’s name on the Adult Application and the Merit Badge Counselor Application form must match exactly.

>Contact information on the Merit Badge Application Counselor Application will be used by scouts to contact you.

NOTE: Youth Protection Training must be kept current to maintain registration with the Boy Scouts of America.


Annual Merit Badge Counselor Renewal Process

Every year, the district must audit its merit badge counselor list. When this takes place, each unit will receive specific instructions on how to complete this process. In the event that a unit or merit badge counselor fails to complete this process by the deadline (typically June 30th of each year), those merit badge counselors will expire, and any merit badges they counsel after that date will not be valid, jeopardizing a youth’s ability to advance in rank. If a unit or a counselor missed the deadline to renew, they must complete the district merit badge counselor form in its entirety, as a new merit badge counselor, with required paperwork.


Access Instructions for Merit Badge Counselor Resources & Training

Go to scouting.org, and indicate that you are a volunteer. Click on Scoutsource, then Boy Scouts, then using the menu on the left, locate the Merit Badge Counselor resources section or click HERE.

Information & Recommendations:

*Blue cards must be used when completing merit badges. The 3-part cards are designed to provide a record for the scout, MBC, & unit. Once the youth has completed a merit badge, unit leaders will record the youth’s progress using Internet Advancement or submit an Advancement Form.

*Once this form and required paperwork is turned in, the counselor listed on this form can start work immediately. They will not receive confirmation or any further communication unless there is a problem, or it is time to renew.

*Each unit should keep an up-to-date list of current merit badge counselors.

*MBC’s can teach an unlimited number of subjects they are proficient in. However, a youth member can only study 5 different subjects with the same counselor.

Exception on Teaching the Same Scout More than Five Merit Badges:

Council policy (See Merit Badge Counselor Training Syllabus) suggests no one counsel a Scout for more than 5 merit badges without approval by the district advancement committee/chairman. To submit an exception request, contact the district advancement chairman directly. Request that the advancement chairman provide written permission detailing the name of the scout who is benefitting from the exception. Maintain this copy for your records, and give one to the Scout for his records. No further action is needed.

*BSA Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, and the Advancement Policies & Procedure Manual are the last word on up-to-date policy and procedural questions.


District Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator –Jean Kuhns 541-367-5687 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Calapooia Merit Badge Counselor Application Form