District Volunteer Positions

The purpose of the district is to work through chartered organizations and community groups to organize and support successful units. The end result of effective district support; more and more youth members receiving a quality Scouting experience. This committee coordinates all the functions of the district for the purposes of (a) organizing and supporting strong, quality units, (b) carrying out the policies and objectives of the council, and (c) extending the program to the greatest number of youth.

The Calapooia District Nominating Committee is a group of community leaders and adult Scouting volunteers who nominate qualified volunteers to serve on the district committee. The Nominating Committee is an ad hoc committee who serve at the request of the district chairman. To be nominated, a candidate is not required have prior Scouting experience to be nominated. The nominating committee seeks individuals who have the willingness to serve Scouting and use their talents to betterment of Scouting. The nominating committee can accept nominations for any position on the district committee.

If you have a desire to serve or you know someone who can help Scouting, please contact Hyrum Anderson, District Chairman.

Available positions may include the following: district chairperson; vice-chairperson, district commissioner; activities and civic service committee; advancement and recognitions committee; camp promotions and outdoor committee; finance committee; marketing/website chairperson; membership committee; activities committees; and training committee. Unit commissioners are also needed to provide support to local packs, troops, teams, crews, and posts.

Scouting is a worldwide movement. Scouting is not just found in the United States. Scouting is an international organization made up of 162 national Scout organizations who account for 36 million members. Scouting in the United States is organized into nearly 300 local councils. The local council is the Cascade Pacific Council #492 serving 18 geographical districts in Oregon.

In order for Scouting to be successful, districts and local Scouting units depend on volunteers to plan and implement the many functions of the council.  A few are mentioned here. Functions include membership growth, fundraising, adult volunteer training, program development and unit service. Without key volunteers on a district level, it would be difficult for the council to deliver quality support for our many Scouting groups.

If you would like to apply, please email the district chairman for information.