Charter Renewal

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General Information:

Every year each boy, adult, and chartered organization must re-register with the Boy Scouts of America. This process may be very simple or it may be long and drawn out (it depends upon how organized your unit is). If you are a Committee Chairman, your are expected to ensure this process happens each year for your unit.

Information packets on the recharter process are typically available at the September and/or October Roundtable to help you prepare. In addition, there is typically a break out session at the September (or October) Roundtable to review the information found in the packet and to help answer any questions.

Unit recharter paperwork is requested by November Roundtable so that the District can complete their work in late November/early December and can pass information to Council in order that they can then complete their work prior to December 31st.

Recharter 2016:

Did you know this is in progress now? Most of your recharter work can (and should be) done throughout the year:And that recharter is as simple as 1, 2, 3?

  1. Be sure to get new members registered as soon as possible.
  2. Get any new adults trained.
  3. Need to seek a new charter organization? Is your executive officer changing? Is your charter rep changing? Get your paperwork going as soon as you are aware of the situation.
  4. When recharter packets come out in September/October the only work you should have left is to clean up your roster by removing any scouts or adults who are not re-registering for whatever reason. :-)


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