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Survivor - Out Lead, Out Think, Out Serve

May 15-17, 2015

Antique Powerland
3995 Brooklake Road Northeast
Brooks, OR 97303

The 2015 Thunderbird Camporee focuses on classic camporee events and activities that emphasize teamwork, basic scout and camping skills, and the patrol method. Units should prepare for the Camporee by practicing Scouting fundamentals – knots and lashings, first aid, plant identification, proper camping techniques, and skills that a Scout learns on the Trail to First Class. There are a series of events planned to test your patrol as a team, a service project to remind us that as Scouts we should serve others with Good Turns, and a few historical museums will be open that should be fun and educational.

This year’s theme, Survivor – Out Lead, Out Think, Out Serve, is focused around the ever-popular television shows centered around survival-skills and competitions, including but not limited to: Survivor (all 30 seasons), Survivor Man, Man vs Wild, Dual Survivor, and so much more. We encourage all participants to adopt this theme and do some research into how they can incorporate it into all of your activities this year at the spring Camporee. The competitions are a mixture of activities seen on survivor, as well as some basic Scouting competitions with a twist. We hope that everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time as we try to Out Lead, Out Think, and Out Serve while at camporee this year.

To Register: Click Here.   The newest version of the Camporee Leaders Guide can be found Here. (planning is still actively underway - so there maybe some updates/changes to the guide - please check back for an updated guide 1 or 2 times between now and Camporee - thanks).


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