Merit Badge Counselors

Sunset Trail Merit Badge Counselor Information

About Merit Badge Counselors

It is the responsibility of districts to maintain and proivde merit badge counselors for youth. Merit badge counselors are district positions.That is why new merit badge counselors must fill out an adult application, even though they may be registered already in a Scouting group. It is also why the only two approval sigantures needed on the adult application is the applicant, and the district executive. There is no fee for merit badge counselors. 


Many of our merit badge counselors are also volunteers in their Scouting group. Recognizing this reality, the district employs the help of Scouting groups to help manage and share information to merit badge counselors also serving in that Scouting group. 


Merit Badge Counselor Records

Since merit badge counselors are district-level positions, Scouting group affiliations are not considered upon their registration as a merit badge counselor. This is also why the district executive and council are unable to provide a district-wide list of counselors sorted by unit affiliation. 


The council and your district executive can: 1) confirm the registration status of named merit badge counselors, and 2) confirm the youth protection status of any named merit badge counselors. The council only provides a unit-sorted list of merit badge counselors once-a-year, to make the annual renewal phase easier. 


The district merit badge coordinator can provide a list sorted by unit, and include a listing of merit badges your counselors are teaching. This data can be supplied directly to the district's merit badge counselor. 


Sunset Trail Merit Badge Coordinator

Joan Townsend


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About Merit Badge Counselor Renewals

Merit badge counselors renew their status each June. Active registration for all distrit positions is July 1 - June 30. A Scouting group's annual charter renewal will have no affect on any merit badge counselors that may be serving in their group. 


The district will provide renewal instructions late-spring.