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Cascade Pacific Council Athletics Programs


Scouting Through Soccer and Learning For Life Soccer/Basketball are exciting athletics based programs that provide training and character development through the prism of  sports.


Youth participate in seasonal programs offering games, practices, and community outreach opportunities.   Each season is based on a flexible curriculum that is designed to teach youth the importance of engaging with their communities, while promoting physical fitness, sportsmanship, and creativity.  As youth progress throughout the season they will be provided opportunities for leadership and advancement by the dedicated mentoring of coaches and volunteers. 


Soccer Programs

Soccer has often been described as “the world’s most popular sport” attracting the interests and passions of people from diverse cultural backgrounds; uniting them in the spirit of competition.   Game play challenges youth to make quick decisions, discipline their bodies and minds, and adapt creatively to problems and obstacles.  For these reasons and many more, soccer is an ideal vehicle to help youth explore their communities and learn important life skills.



Scouting Through Soccer


Scouting Through Soccer adapts the traditional program of the Boy Scouts of America to the arena of Soccer.  Soccer Teams function as boy lead units confronting the challenges of creating a successful competitive soccer program with the assistance of the Scout Oath and Law.


Learning For Life Soccer


LFL Soccer is a co-ed afterschool outreach program for at-risk youth.  Learning For Life works alongside schools and parents to create engaging and relevant educational opportunities.   LFL Soccer focuses on community development and mentor support to guide  youth into successful adulthood.

Learning for Life Basketball


Learning for Life Basketball adapts our successful Soccer curriculum for Basketball Programs through out Portland School district.  The curriculum inculdes more hands on support from Learning for Life staff with the same mission and aim of developing Community, Leadership, Sportsmanship, and Dedication.

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