Boat Sales

Donate your boat to the Boy Scouts / Sea Scouts

How it Works

The council boat donation program is run by a volunteer committee that is part of the Sea Scout program. Proceeds from the program support the Sea Scout program, which is a co-educational program for young people ages 14-20. To donate a boat follow these steps:

1) Register your donation online Click here - OR - contact the Cascade Pacific Council Service Center at (503) 225-5748 to initiate donation.

2) Referral information reviewed by the committee to determine acceptance.

3) Upon committee approval, you will receive paperwork by mail. Boats not accepted by the committee may be referred to council auto donation program.

4) Fill out and return the “Deed of Gift” form. (Return all copies.)

5) Sign the title or titles to release your interest in the vessel and/or trailer.

6) Lost title? Contact our office at (503) 225-5748 for additional paperwork. We will not accept a boat or trailer for donation until title issues are resolved.

7) Documented vessel? Complete and have notarized federal Bill of Sale form. Contact NVDC for information.

8) Return all forms and the signed title(s) in the envelope provided in your packet.

9) Arrange delivery of the donation to our Sea Base after documents have been completed and returned to the office.

Donors should contact their tax professional for advice about deducting contributions of boats or other vehicles. The Cascade Pacific Council is a 501 (c) 3 organization and is registered with both Oregon and Washington for charitable purposes.