National Jamboree

2013 National Jamboree Highlights

Create World Jamboree-Style Scouting Neighborhoods

  • Smaller camping footprint (1,000 acres) than Fort A.P. Hill (5,000 acres).
  • Maximum distance to arena from any subcamp will be 1.5 miles.
  • Twenty subcamps organized into five villages.
  • Much smaller subcamp staff.
  • Troops will be assigned to subcamps in a manner that promotes the highest level of interaction.
  • One subcamp will be dedicated to Venturers.
  • Almost all adult staff will be housed and fed in the adult camp (6,000 to 7,000).
  • Walking will be the mode of transportation. Personal vehicles will not be allowed in the jamboree footprint.

Build Flexible Infrastructure to Support Both THE Jamboree and The Summit Year-Round Programs

  • Permanent camp sites with bathroom facilities.
  • Underground electricity and fiber optic cable for the entire site.
  • The first jamboree at The Summit will have more temporary facilities than future jamborees.
  • The Summit Center will be designed to function as the visitor experience area.

Embrace Cutting-Edge Technology in the Jamboree Operational Model

  • Jamboree will utilize technology at every possible level from the submission of applications through the duration of the event.
  • Plans are to utilize mobile technology to provide programming, data and individual schedules.
  • BSA technology will become part of the jamboree “magic.”

Employ a Seamless Logistics and Supply Operation

  • Jamboree will provide all troop equipment—tents, cooking equipment, etc.
  • Participants will only bring a duffel (jamboree will supply), sleeping bag, and personal gear.
  • Food will be pre-packed by troops, with cooking designed for troops rather than patrols.
  • Commissary will be offsite, with troop food delivered to villages.
  • Lunches will be issued with breakfast in the morning so that participants will have them wherever they are.

Deliver a World-Class Program—Constantly on the Move

  • Program will be more diverse, more intense, and have a higher energy level than previous jamborees.
  • Jamboree will engage participants on a more intense program level in areas of interest to them.
  • Program will be available from daylight to dark.
  • Day of Giving Back.
  • New Jamboree Trek program.
  • Merit badges connected to program areas rather than a "merit badge midway."
  • Arena shows designed to entertain and inspire youth members.

Showcase a Visitor Experience Very Different than the Participant Experience

  • Visitors and participants can come together in the 90-acre Summit Center.
  • Access to program areas will be limited to jamboree participants.
  • In the Summit Center, visitors will be offered a “jamboree lite” experience with a sampling of jamboree activities, constant entertainment and activities in the arena area, in addition to the exhibit and display areas.
  • Jamboree visitors will be provided an improved experience and charged a reasonable but appropriate fee.
  • Pre-registration wil be required and available early 2013.

Enable a Volunteer-Driven, Professionally Guided Jamboree Staff Opportunity

  • Staff mantra—“volunteer–driven, professionally guided.” No duality of one volunteer and one professional in each major assignment.
  • Less management, more customer-engaged staff.
  • Emphasis on recruiting younger staff members by providing shorter commitments than entire jamboree.
  • OA will provide more than 600 Arrowmen for programs such as Jamboree Trek and Day of Giving Back.
  • Jamboree staff camp will be separated from participant camps, with vast majority of staff housed in the staff camp.

Go Green, Go Healthy, and Go Safe

  • Jamboree will use absolute best practices of eco-friendly camping—an example to other camps.
  • Embrace conservation practices and Leave No Trace camping.
  • Promote childhood health and fitness.
  • Walking will be the mode of transportation for everyone.
  • Healthy food and drinks offered.

Sustain the Scouting Movement for the Next 100 Years

  • Jamboree will preserve the best of jamboree traditions while creating new ones.
  • Scouts, staff, and visitors will be introduced to the World Brotherhood of Scouting at The Summit.

Offer Scouts, Scouters, and Visitors a True, Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

  • A jamboree at The Summit will truly be that once-in-a-lifetime experience for all who attend.

To find out more about the Boy Scouts of America's 2013 Jamboree, visit the Jamboree page.