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Integrated Academic & Character Development Program

How the Program Works (Program Methods)
Learning for Life features grade-specific, theme-oriented lesson plans to be used in the classroom to enhance and support the core curriculum. Lessons are designed to be conducted by the classroom teacher in conjunction with the core curriculum. The Learning for Life curriculum is research based and our content team has uniquely embedded character development traits into lessons that are aligned to core curriculum standards in all 50 states. This provides authentic practice of core curriculum topics and skills embedded in critical character development and life skills lessons.
Learning for Life is an action-learning process and uses engaging teaching techniques such as role-playing, small-group discussions, reflective and moral dilemma exercises, and hands-on activities. The reflective portion of each lesson is the pivotal point at which youth have the opportunity to think about what they’ve learned and integrate the experience into real life.
Lessons are designed to reinforce academic, social, ethical, and character development skills in various areas, such as critical and creative thinking, conflict resolution, decision making, interpersonal relationships, practical life skills, self-esteem, writing and language arts, citizenship and personal fitness.

Participating Schools

James John Elementary

Orchards Elementary

Marysville Elementary

Faubion Elementary

John Wetten Elementary

Rosa Parks Elementary