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headWelcome to the Order of the Arrow and Wauna La-Mon'tay Lodge! Achieving Ordeal Membership means you persevered through the challenges of the Ordeal, and for that you should be very proud of yourself. Just remember, "this ordeal is but a pattern for a journey whose directions are the whispers, urgings, promptings deep within your hearts and spirits". What you have learned in the ordeal is just the beginning of your lofty journey. There are unlimited opportunities to provide cheerful service, and countless moments where you will see the brotherhood our Order is known for. We hope that you experience all of them!





As well as being a member of the Lodge, you are also a member of a Chapter, which is the District your unit is a part of. Each Chapter meets on a regular basis in your local area, usually at a Roundtable, and is a great way to become active in the Order. Contact your Chapter Chief or Chapter Adviser for information about your next Chapter meeting.


Lodge Events


Wauna La-Mon'tay has one of the best lodge programs around, and as a member you can now take part in the numerous events we offer. From Leadership Development Conference, to Native American Arts & Crafts Seminar, to our fellowship weekend Rendezvous there is something for everyone. The best part is that's just the tip of the arrow, we haven't even told you about Lodge Service Projects, Ordeals, and Section Conclave.


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After 10 months as an Ordeal member, you'll be eligible to seal your membership and learn more about the Order by taking part in the Brotherhood Class/Ceremony at one of our Lodge events or at summer camp.






Getting Involved


 In your Obligation you promised, "to observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow." The easiest way to do this is to get active and stay active. From Ceremony teams to Camp Promotions, members of our Lodge do it all, so don't hesitate to contact your Chapter Chief to see what you can do at the Chapter or Lodge level.





The JumpStart website is a great way to learn about the Order of the Arrow and the Ordeal that you went though. There are videos, pictures, the words to our obligation, and much more!




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