Tour and Activity Plan

Download form here-
Tour and Activity Planlink-PDF
This form will be the only form accepted for submission via email after June 15, 2012.


Access online process- www.MyScouting.orglink-html
The Tour and Activity Plan site went live May 10, 2012.
In order to use the online Tour and Activity Plan site you must have a MyScouting account; you must have your account linked with your member identification number; you must be a registered leader for the unit. To view a list of registered positions that have the accessibility, click herelink-PDF.


Why should a unit complete a Tour and Activity Plan?

The tour and activity plan is a planning tool for best practices to be prepared for safe and fun adventure. Completing the plan may not address all possible challenges, but it can help ensure that appropriate planning has been conducted, that qualified and trained leadership is in place, and that the right equipment is available for the adventure.

In addition, the plan helps to organize safe and appropriate transportation to and from an event, and defines driver qualifications and minimum limits of insurance coverage for drivers and vehicles used to transport participants.

Please complete and submit this plan at least 21 days in advance (check with your local council) to ensure your council has enough time to review the plan and assist as necessary.

When is a unit required to complete a Tour and Activity Plan?

The following are requirements specifically for the Cascade Pacific Council. A Tour and Activity Plan should be submitted if your trip involves any of the following bullets. Regardless, the tour and activity plan is an excellent tool that should be included in preparation for all activities, even those not requiring it. It guides a tour leader through itineraries, travel arrangements, two-deep leadership, supervision qualifications, and transportation.


·   Trips of 50 miles one way and above

·   Trips outside of council borders

·   Trips to a council or district event

·   Trips to any national high-adventure base, national Scout jamboree, National Order of the Arrow Conference, the Summit Bechtel reserve, or a regionally sponsored event

·   When conducting any of the following activities: Aquatics activities (swimming, boating, floating, scuba, etc.), Climbing and rappelling, orientation flights (process flying plan), Shooting sports 

·   Any activities involving motorized vehicles as part of the program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.)

·   Any overnight experience


Cascade Pacific Council requires all responsible leaders of each trip (adult leader and assistant leader) to be Youth Protection trained. This training can be completed online via www.MyScouting.orglink-html. If you are unsure that your record reflects this information or are not a registered leader, please submit a copy of your certificate of completion along with the application to ensure an approval on your submission.

How is a unit able to submit a Tour and Activity Plan?

There are two options for submitting tour plans for the Cascade Pacific Council.

1.) Use the Tour and Activity Plan Applicationlink-PDF and submit via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; or

2.) Log in to www.MyScouting.orglink-html and use the NEW online application.


How is a unit able to get help and support when needed for submitting an application?

If you are unable to work your way through the submission process via e-mail or online there are is someone that can help.

1.) The Tour and Activity Plan PDF application is a council process created for member convenience; send your questions and concerns via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.) When submitting a Tour and Activity Plan application via MyScouting; please contact the national service desk for online support at 972-580-2489.

The most common reason for not seeing tour and activity plans in your MyScouting account is that your member ID is not attached to your MyScouting account profile. 

A second common reason is that your registration (position code) does not support the permission for the application. The application is not available to individuals registered only as merit badge counselors, Scout parents, or Tiger Cub adult partners. Please contact your unit leadership if you would like to update your unit position. For a list of positions that have access to submitting tour plans online, click herelink-PDF.


Is there a training program to show me how to complete the Tour and Activity Plan online?

The answer is, Yes!

Click Herelink-html to watch the training video now!
Click Herelink-html to download the training video now! 


What materials do I need to complete the online version?

You will need the following:

- Leadership
- contact information
- Vehicle information
- Description of the activity
- Travel itinerary


What training is required in order to receive an approval?

Training requirements have not changed. The adult leader on the trip must have have completed Youth Protection and Weather Hazards for ALL trips. The assistant leader must have completed the Youth Protection training course. Both of these trainings are able to be completed online and there is no exception to this.


In addition, depending on specific activities your trip may involve, you may have additional training requirements.
Note that, if your council records do not reflect the required training you will not be able to successfully get through the online process or receive an approval from council. Contact your local Program Assistant for immediate assistance.

-  Where swimming or boating is in included in the activity, (excluding a council event which will provide trained leaders) Safe Swim Defense and/or Safety Afloat are to be followed; both Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat are available to be taken online via www.MyScouting.orglink-html.
-  At least one adult on a pack overnight must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO).

 -  At least one person must be current in CPR/AED from any recognized agency to meet Safety Afloat and Climb on Safely guidelines. (If you are required to have Climb On Safely, or Safety Afloat, in addition you are required to have a CPR certified Adult Leader.)


What are the common issues when submitting a Tour and Activity Plan that would be defective or require an update to it before a unit can conduct the tour or activity?

The online process is set-up to only allow an approval once you have met all BSA requirements specific to your trip. Council will verify all information provided on the PDF application if used to ensure your unit has met all the requirements. Please make sure you meet all of the BSA requirements specific to your trip prior to submitting the application. Common deficiencies reported by councils that have reviewed many of the PDF versions of the tour plan suggest the following:


- There are no registered adult leaders.

-  Two-deep leadership requirements are not met.

-  Both male and female leadership for coed activities is not present.

-  Qualified supervision is not identified for high-risk activities.

-  Training is not completed for the planned program.

-  Youth Protection training is not current.

-  Hazardous Weather training is not current.

-  The itinerary is incomplete.

-  Travel plans include excessive mileage or travel in a 24-hour period.

-  There are not enough vehicles identified to safely transport the tour.

-  The planned activities are unauthorized.

-  The plan was submitted after the activity or with no lead time.

-  There is incomplete or inadequate insurance information for the tour or flying plan.


What is required in addition?

Medical forms are required to be kept in the adult leaders possession for each individual on a trip for any Scouting outing a unit goes on. Medical forms should be updated annually for each member; sections A and B; part C is only required for trips that last more then 72 hours. In addition to medical forms, a roadside assistance and first aid kit are required.

Tour and Activity Plan FAQs- Click Herelink-html


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