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Cascade Pacific Council will again provide supplemental accident insurance for each chartered unit for calendar year 2014. This insurance policy, provided through Health Special Risk, Inc. (HSR), is secondary to members' personal policy. 

To download a claim form or policy certificate, click here

Policy Number:  The policy number for all Cascade Pacific Council units is:   PTP  N00327402

This extra benefit to units is made possible through Friends of Scouting donations to Cascade Pacific Council  - Thank you for your generous support!



This coverage provides primary general liability coverage for registered volunteer Scouters with respect to claims arising out of an official Scouting activity with the exception that the coverage is excess over any insurance that may be available to the volunteer for loss arising from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle or watercraft. This insurance is available only while the vehicle or watercraft is in the actual use of a Scouting unit and being used for a Scouting purpose. Coverage is more than $5 million for bodily injury and property damage.

The insurance provided to unregistered Scouting volunteers through the general liability insurance program is excess over any other insurance the volunteer might have to his or her benefit, usually a homeowners, personal liability, or auto liability policy.

The general liability policy does not provide indemnification or defense coverage to those individuals who commit intentional and/or criminal acts. The Boy Scouts of America does not have an insurance policy which provides defense for situations involving allegations of intentional and/or criminal acts.

This benefit is made possible through your membership registration fees, which are forwarded directly to the National Council for this purpose and to provide other resources to Scouts and Scouters. 



When another organization requests that they be provided a Certificate of Insurance, usually when a unit (pack or troop, etc.) is renting or otherwise utilizing the property or facilities of another group, a certificate can be requested using the Certificate of Insurance Request Form. Please complete the form and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and allow two (2) weeks minimum for processing. Approved certificates will returned by email after processing. 


For additional information regarding insurance, please visit the BSA National website insurance information page

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